The Lost Cause of (political) Perception

The Nationalist Party today accused the MLP of trying to politicise the shipyards privatisation issue – 12 hours after the MLP in a statement said the matter should not be the subject of partisan politics. The PN said that while the MLP a few days ago congratulated the government and the GWU for their agreement on the shipyards, in its statement yesterday the party showed it had had a change of heart.

That’s a bit of breaking news from the Times of Malta. How long? How long can we live this way? Partisan politics, bloody partisan politics. Bono will excuse this degenerate use of his lyrics but they are just right to describe the feeling. The MLPN brigade cannot even kid themselves… their approach to politics is such a mess that they are unable to even take a tiny stride towards seriousness.

Take this Drydocks issue. Privatisation of an industry that has been at the heart and soul of Maltese society – in good or in bad – for so long was bound to be a political issue. That’s because it is. It’s like a policy on Health Care or privatising health insurance. So what is all this charade about? Why this fluttering exchange of press releases between the forces of Good and Evil? 

It’s all because their lingo relating to politics is nothing to do with normality. When PN or MLP says that an issue should not be “politicised” they mean it should not be given the “MLPN” treatment. That means that they should not start shooting ridiculous ideas out of their collective arses all of which are based on the “I am right and you are wrong” way of thinking. Do not politicise does not, for them, mean let us remove the subject from the political agenda but rather it means let us reason it out like normal human beings and politicians.

It means resisting the temptation of pot and kettle calling. And do they do it? Hell no? It lasts a couple of days I guess. It lasts so long as one of the parties is “supporting” the other. The moment the criticism is back on the table then the masks are off and the slinging starts again. What a farce. Politics is also about disagreeing on issues of managment, administration and general running of the country. Ideally it is also about not having policies that are formed opportunistically. 

Unfortunatley we are still far from any of these ways of conducting politics. Most of the blame lies in the way we are brought up and used to perceiving what politics is about. It’s the lost cause of perception.


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4 responses to “The Lost Cause of (political) Perception

  1. Nella serie surreale e comodissima c’e pure “The divorce debate should not be politicised”.

    Not politicised? It should have been politicised ages ago.

  2. How I agree with your take…let us not politicise means let us not play games but discuss the matter on its own merits…or on second thoughts, the magic words ‘let us not politicise’ are actually part of the political game…

  3. It’s not up to either party to politicise the issue. It is of itself a political issue.

  4. My point exactly Daphne. But the MLPN stranglehold move in different ways don’t they! When you have two parties who ensure that the political discussion ground is limited to a duopoly you are not far from having a situation when they actually believe they can decide what can be discussed (read politicised) and what cannot.

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