Palin’s Drone

The Finnish word saippuakivikauppias (soap-stone vendor) is claimed to be the world’s longest palindromic word in everyday use. That is quite a boring fact but surely not half as boring as Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican Convention. I am mystified by the general press attitude in reporting the event. The BBC described her speech as a “scathing” attack  on the Democrats while most of the international press were in general agreement that Palin had wooed the Republicans.

I’m not too sure whether I am reading this well but somehow I get the feeling that the praise showered on Sarah Palin after her oration was bit like the praise some politicians get from the local press in the election run up – due more to some twisted sense of kow-towing reverential treatment than to pure honest reporting. Maybe, just maybe, the reporters sitting at the convention centre in St Paul, Minnesota are worried for their safety and had to find a way to give the speech a positive twist.

As for Palin’s “stinging attack on Obama”… pitiful. I know, I am biased but hey, you do not have to take my word for it. Just scoot over to the BBC site or Youtube and see for yourself. Palin recited her speech like a young sixth former on graduation day. The pauses were so theatrically plastic as a hesitant crowd was unsure when exactly to clap and cheer. Uncharacteristically for this kind of occasion even the content of the speech lacked much punch or bite.

Top all that up with McCain’s robotic appearance at the end of the speech when he joined Palin’s ever-growing family on stage and I begin to wonder how far apart have Europeans drifted from Americans when it comes to political choice. This assorment of republican quirks would be trounced in any European election given the choice between them and Obama. That they are still considered as a good enough team to give Obama-Biden a run for their money speaks volumes about America and the Great Atlantic Divide.


2 responses to “Palin’s Drone

  1. in the age of personalties (as the economist called it) this is what you get.

    In November people will elect the Republicans, again.

  2. Diapers…
    Soccer mom…
    Family values…

    Watching Larry ‘Lou Bondi’ King in a Casablanca hotel was threatening to spoil the first morning of my trip. I almost got as angry as Daffers does when she spots a spelling mistake in a Health Ministry brochure. But, inschallah, the mint tea came to my rescue…

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