Inspect Your Gadgets

I missed out on the gadget festival in Berlin though I would have loved to have been there. It’s a fair where all the gadgets for the upcoming year are exposed much to the pleasure of the drooling onlookers. I had to avoid it because avoiding it meant I would stick to my promise to become more practical when projecting the purchase of my next gadet. Sensibility is not one of my major traits when it comes to splashing out on the next affluent icon of choice… if it’s got buttons, can be charged and does something different then bring it on!

Which does not mean that “stuff” is not being developed and that new items are not available on the market. This semester e-laptops are a bit the vogue with phone companies. They’re minute laptops that are conceived for roaming internet access – just the portable ticket for WiFi hotspots. Of course nothing – and I mean nothing – will beat the portability, beauty and luscious charm of a that slim superlight contraption from Mac.

Speaking of portability, the waves of the digital book ministorm have begun to beat more strongly against the shores of the European mainland. Amazon’s Kindle is still only available in the US and Borders sells a similar version called Iliad (available in UK). Britain is witnessing the arrival of a competitor from Sony called the Sony Reader that will be available for £199 from Waterstones. I am still not happy with the fact that the price of a digital book will be the same as the paperback equivalent but in any case the digital book is top on my priority list. Now let’s see… availability Luxembourg…. hmmm no go I guess.

On the web front there has been a quiet but interesting announcement. A newcomer to the web browser market is throwing the challenge to Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The mother company that gave birth to the newcomer needs no introduction – it’s those friendly folks at Google and they’ve produced Chrome. The Beta version is available from today (Mac and Linux versions will come a little later, of course). Choice – what a lovely word for the consumer!

This has been j’accuse… dreaming of gadgets so you can too.


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