Chris Said vs James Hacker (fatboyslim remix)

The more we learn of the duties and projects of spanking new Parliamentary Secretary Chris Said, the more I am convinced that Lawrence Gonzi brushed up on his episodes of Yes, Minister! before choosing his last cabinet. Is it just me or are Chris Said’s projects an uncanny reminder of Minister Hacker’s workings at the Ministry of Administrative Affairs?

Here’s Chris Said today on the Indy in an article entitled “From Red Tape to Red Carpet“:

The BRU’s (Better Regulation Unit) mandate is to simplify existing regulation and consequently reduce the administrative burdens on businesses and citizens. In drawing up its action plan the BRU has taken an inward looking “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach, which resulted in 111 measures. These have been subdivided into five main thrusts which are the setting up of a one-stop-shop entity or consolidation of existing entities; revision of procedures and processes; use of ICT and eGovernment services; simplifying legislation and repealing obsolete legislation; and consolidation of forms.

So far 49 measures (43 per cent) have been completed and it is the government’s intention to proceed with the implementation of the action plan for simplification. The government will eventually close off the current action plan by completing all measures and embark on a plan which is more business driven in terms of the proposals put forward.

In line with the government’s commitment to involve the citizen in its decision-making, the BRU is conducting a consultation process with stakeholder organisations in order to obtain feedback. This will be analysed with a view to recommending further actions to the plan for simplification. So far the BRU has met the constituted bodies that are represented on the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development, that is, the GRTU, Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CoC), the Federation of Industries (FOI), the Malta Employers Association (MEA) and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA).

Easy does it! Now I wonder who the Sir Humphrey behind the Action Plan for Simplification who comes up with a statement like: “The government will eventually close off the current action plan by completing all measures and embark on a plan which is more business driven in terms of the proposals put forward.” ?

In any case. I guess this means that things are being done. Or seem to be done. Fair enough but I do think we have a different idea of what simplification is about. It’s the simplification plan, stupid!


8 responses to “Chris Said vs James Hacker (fatboyslim remix)

  1. Is it just me or it’s a wee bit hard to understand?

  2. no, you are not.

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  8. Oh golly-gosh, I see my old stalker Sal Parcing sive Philip Dupuis sive Anthony Magri sive etc etc has turned up here using the name Michael Debono. This one’s a weirdo, Jacques, and he keeps changing his name without changing his computer, so the same IP address comes up time and again (I told him about it but he wouldn’t listen….you can’t say I don’t play nice). You might wish to do what I do: take a note of that number and press delete each time it pops up. Then he’ll migrate to another blog, to post his complaints against you there, possibly as Batman Jones.

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