Mark… his words

So the battle brewed for a while until it sizzled into a lot of pipe smoking. My point remains. Mark (Falzon’s) discourse was based on stereotypes that we are used to. The question as to whether Mike Briguglio’s presence at the parade means that AD endorsed it remains to be officially answered. My guess is that Mike’s Zminiejietna hat was on at that moment – which can be somewhat confusing.


Vella cannot resist the provocation and we had flashes of the Vella of old – that general grudge that is borne (I know he will try to make me regret saying this but the skin is thick and we have become impervious). MAF is rebuked for being what? A faux-intello who writes for the apologist rag? A patroniser of AD for saying he voted a couple of times? So what? MAF is also a mollycuddled universitarian – residing in the not so ivory complex. Or is he? Maybe we are all mollycuddled because another election is coming up and I do not see the liberal reform movement anywhere near proposing a candidate!

Chess Pieces and Watermelons

Are not always black and white. Just for the info. The “red and blue” variant was quite popular in the eighties and can still be found for chess and draughts. A little bit more imagination is expected from the readers – are we wankellectual or are we not? Whose side are we on? As for the watermelon Anton, it was meant to represent the stereotype in people’s minds. In fact if you look closely I chose a square watermelon. Because you really have to be square to always think in these labels – and not look out of the box. Ok. Not a square… a cube.

Raphael’s Shit

Raphael, Raphael, why did it take the mention of faeces to bring you back to these pages? The virtues of shit are multiple but really and truly, time to get this blog up and running I guess. I’m guessing Raphael’s next piece on Sunday will be about fu**ng. The Maltese and fu**ing actually and how the latest European tables put the land of rosaries low down on the natality list while pagan and lay France leaps to the top of the charts. Must be the Carla Bruni effect…. no shit.

J’accuse Meltdown

Not the blog but the man. Work is becoming a burdensome thing. I want to cancel my subscription to normal life and routine. I want to become a journalist, a farmer, or a librarian. I want to be JPO. Lord give me back my sanity. Either that or the lottery. Please standby till September (hopefully) allows for the resumption of normal service.

Meanwhile Mark their words… they’re amusing. Both of them.


17 responses to “Mark… his words

  1. and you used to call ME a wankellectual…joking apart, the discussion is, all in all, healthy, and a reminder of the good old times…i’m tinkering with the idea of re opening the blog again, in fact…

    re rebuking: yes, l’ultima che hai detto…in a country bereft of engaged intellectuals but replete with apologists, anyone who purports to be the former has, in my book, to prove his mettle, and be able to take the blows.

    I am very much concerned by the fact that loose editorial policy means carte blanche for anyone to give his/her opinion…but everyone has an opinion, if you get my drift…

    My problem with MAF was that certain statements uttered in a forum like an article on The Times should be substantiated by sound arguments which can then be discussed, even animatedly like we’ve done here…kudos to the blogosphere and the bloggers, for that matter…many columnists, I’m afraid, are more intent on creating ripples and titillating readers than delivering ideas…

    in the Maltese tradition of jew nejja jew mahruqa, we are burdened by either over=earnest commentators ala Mario Azzopardi, or else opinion writers who are all too intent on jazzing up their pieces with witty soundbites, thus missing the wood for the trees…

  2. fabrizioellul

    for some rock now;

    for the ‘red and blue’ chess variant: which side started first?

  3. x’naghmlu mela? the old chestnut “this correspondence is now closed” ?

  4. L’uso non intenzionale del cocomero (quadrato o ovale ma cocomero rimane) non poteva essere piu` azzeccato di cosi`.
    Dai raga` continuate a negare la verita`, quella piu` chiara e cristallina. Anche i muri sanno che molti membri prominenti di AD sono di sinistra, qualchevolta quella estrema. Non e` mica delittuoso dire che uno e` comunista….. perche` nascondersi.
    Dai ammettetelo, vorrei dormire sereno stanotte.

  5. anton.

    qisek coconut sploduta : sufi u kulur il-hara minn barra u mimli sustanza bajda kremuza minn gewwa.

    min qallek li l-hodor mhux homor?
    id-diskors kien jekk ghandux ikollna sterjotipi assoluti
    bhal per ezempju: faxxist ergo injorant

    real madrid zenit san pietroburgo u bate borisov


  6. Mela ha nghidlek kif nahsibha jien ghax issa qabzitli:

    1) Injurant min jaqa’ f’bassezzi ta’ attakki deliberati u personali biex wara li jitfa’ l-gebla jahbi idu.

    2) Injurant min jghid frazijiet bhal “faxxist ergo njurant” (jew komunist ergo kretin) ghax ikun ifisser li ma fehem xejn minn millenja shah ta storja politika mondjali. Storja li turi li m’hawn l-ebda idejologija perfetta izda tezisti l-idejologija idejali ghall-epoka partikolari.

    3) Injurant min jinhela jithaddet fuq sugetti bla sens bhal din tal-isterjotipi assoluti meta hawn problemi hafna aktar serji f’Malta. Hafna paroli u paroli u sugu ftit li xejn.

    4) Injurant min jikteb u joffendi biss quddiem monitor u mhux kapaci jghidlek l-istess affarijiet f’wiccek.

    5) Injurant min jippromwovi l-AD bhala nifs gdid fix-xenarju politiku Malti biex ftit wara jammetti li l-istess partit huwa biss prodott antikwat izda reciklat ta’ ideja xellugija putrefatta.

    6) Injurant min jahseb li huwa gharef bizzejjed li jista’ jipprova jirridikolizza lil xi hadd iehor publikament.

    Anybody taking this comment seriously does well, and should learn how to reflect prima di sparare cazzate.

    Passo e chiudo definitivamente.

  7. Ai ai ai
    No alpi tour.

    Ma kellekx ghalfejn.
    Imma insomma… donna m’ghogbitekx ic-cajta. I take it back hux.
    Chiudo definitivamente xejn u toqghodx tissahhan. Ma kienx insult imma cajta imma donnok mhix burdata.
    Jekk trid noffrilek pipe for peace. Kif tridu?

  8. Chiarifica: Pipe for peace qisu partnership imma dahna.

  9. Jacques, ahjar taghtihom Kit Kat biex jikkalmaw ghax kulhadd jiehu ghalih ghal kull haga ta xejn
    -Anton jinkazza ghax taghmel cajta (forsi waqa xi kwadru 6 by 6 ta Tacchoni fuq rasu)
    – MAF jiehu ghalih….ma nafx ghaliex precizament
    Ghandikun kulhadd qed jittiehed minn Toni Abela-itis?

  10. Guzeppi Grech

    Bic-cajt hux….bhal dawk ic-Chess Sets tat-toys homor u blu.

    Nammetti, Sorry…kont a bit wanker, pedantiku u niente intelletwali.

    Bhala chess player ta’ certa livell (mhux hafna gholi ta! Bizzejjed biex nikkompeti ftit f’isem din in-naqra ta gzira, tanti anni fa), hassejt li jien xi awtorita’ fuq il-kuluri ta’ din l-imbierka loghba. Heqq, hadt zball, insejt li kien hemm tipi mhux ufficjali.

    U kif jghidu…..I DID NOT TAKE FOR MYSELF hehehehehehehehehe!

  11. fabrizioellul

    il hodor tant huma homor li kwazi saru viola.

    Qawsala wisq sabiha (apologies to Guze Stagno)

  12. I’ve been rather busy working, socialising and otherwise leading a satisfying and fulfilling life, so I can’t quite get a grasp of what all this is about.
    Would it be right to say that a major squabble started just because someone ventured to call an opinion column writer in The Times “smug”? Ample evidence, if any was needed, that the Internet is a force for pure evil.

  13. Ma smettetela di menarvi giuventini…che arriva Menez…e lo Zenit.

  14. Napologizza u nirtira l-kliem zejjed li ktibt jiena bhala risposta ghal dak li kiteb Jacques.

    Pace fatta.

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