Ibid, Idem and Sic

Did you see what the Italian woman who won the K1 500 Kayak silver is called? Her name is Josefa Idem. I had seen the title on La Gazzetta “Idem argento splendente” and kept referring to the previous headline to see who had won the first, and what. Compicated reasoning for a hungover Saturday morning but I thought I should point out that if an athlete has such a confusing surname then the newspaper writers should avoid putting her name so confoundingly in the titles.

Of course this episode reminded me of a Terry Pratchett quote in the book parodying the Greek philosophers (don’t ask for names at this time but I would go for Pyramids) … and the quote goes something like “Ibid you already know”.
Side splitting. Har har. Where’s my beverage? (Har (sic) of the dog).


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