Geese, Gander and MLPN

In an unprecedented move, Alternattiva Demokratika’s secretary-general Victor Galea has been informed by the government that he cannot continue exercising his teaching profession as teachers in public employment are precluded from any political post. Yet MaltaToday can reveal that over the past years, various public officials in the same rank as Galea have been tolerated to hold on to their posts in the PN or the MLP. (Maltatoday)

Monkey business. Or mickey mouse. Call it what you like. It’s now Victor’s turn to face the selective scruples of the bureaucracy and once again we will cry foul. It’s incredible isn’t it? The leader of the opposition dreams of unleashing the political potential that has been well hidden among the 16 and 17 year olds of the nation. The party in government does f-all in order to allow a much needed breath of fresh air into our cobweb ridden way of doing politics. And then Victor.

X’tahom f’ghajnhom? Is the appropriate Maltese expression. It’s difficult to translate except maybe by saying that one wonders what Victor did to attract this kind of special attention. If it were the case of applying the law uniformally then so be it and Victor would be an unlucky man who should have read the fine print on the law relating to civil servants and their participation in politics. It does not seem to be the case though. Maltatoday rightly points out that there are PN and MLP executive members who violate the same law and yet no action was taken against them.

X’tahom f’ghajnhom? The level of pettiness to which the MLPN can descend is astounding. Not content with the hounding out of third parties from a proper and fair race to representation, now they go for the jugular and attempt to eradicate the very existence of party activists.

X’tahom f’ghajnhom? Is the constant presence of a non-parliamentary opposition activist such a threat that it has to be silenced by hook or by crook? Is this what it boils down to? Will the Daphnes of the earth come down on Victor like a ton of bricks claiming he is trying to be the victim when he should abide by the strictures of (MLPN made and applied) law?

It’s like the right to vote you see. The law is there but then it is selectively applied by the agents of the parties. They decide whether to make the blessed rikors that could strike you off the register. They too will decide that by consensual agreement they will be lenient with expats and allow every one abroad to vote (gee thanks!) only for Labour to go sour after the election when it assumes that all in Brussels, Luxembourg and London voted PN.

What a bunch of sorry eejits. For heaven’s sake these are the politicians who speak of representation, earthquakes and revolutions. And they cannot get down to “tolerating” the presence of a real politician who works hard for causes without personal pecuniary interest.

“I have always carried out my duties within the civil service in a professional, unbiased and apolitical manner and I consider that my political contribution is a free service to the democratic development of our nation,” – Victor Galea (AD)

Well said Victor. J’accuse joins you in sticking up two fingers at this whole farce.


2 responses to “Geese, Gander and MLPN

  1. Thanks Jacques. Well said.
    Let’s continue the struggle to join the European Union and become truly European.


  2. The nature of our mediocrity:

    Mr. A makes it to middle management.

    An outdated piece of culture produces a vacuum within the oganisation, resulting in ad hoc decisions that lack coherency and accountability.

    Mr. A sees a simple corrective path.

    He presents his recommendations.

    After a few tracers interspersed with silence, which he puts down to inertia and a lack of understanding by his ‘superiors’, his persistence bears fruit. Corrective measures are implemented.

    Accountability is established, coherency can be reasonably assessed.

    Yet Mr. A feels that there is a smiling unease in his relationship with his superiors.

    He puts it down to rat-race jitters.

    He has no particular ambition and so he takes a back seat and acts the stupid to calm any jitters that rub his masters the wrong way.

    A few months down the road he is given a new post.

    Looks reasonable from the outside, yet when he puts hand to wheel he realises that resources are thin on the ground and that top-management commitment to the role is non-existent.

    A year passes by and guess what?

    The ‘previous-post’ vacuum within the oganisation has returned with a vengeance.

    What is more, the reinstatement of anonymous parenthood just happens with the silent deliberation of a coma.

    When this pattern repeats itself a few times over a couple of decades to him and others, the politically naive Mr. A realises that the vacuum is not the result of inertia and incompetence.

    It is as deliberate as aljotta.

    The vacuum is the ideal breeding ground that actually gives a free hand to the managers of power.

    Forget objectives, vision, culture and quality.

    And who benefits? For every two competent nats, you get four incompetent nats, one competent lab. two incompetent labs, one competent apolitical/green/whatever.

    What is good about this system is that a critical mass of nats are happy, a minority of happy labs give the illusion of meritocracy, and the rest have enough bread butter and water to shut up or be crushed (always with a smile of course).

    The Malta Today report reports:

    A spokesman for the prime minister yesterday said the government was “analysing whether these regulations are to be revised”. The spokesman added that OPM was “looking into the mentioned case”, while stressing that the PSMC was “under the responsibility of the office of the Principal Permanent Secretary”.
    Government sources insist that in this case the Prime Minister was not aware of the actions of the higher echelons of the civil service.

    Now does that ring a bell?

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