Yep. Middle of summer and have one of those flus that one associates with winter.  Cannot move cannot effing work cannot do much. Burying my soul in Beechams Syrups and Strepsil lozenges. That’s one of the four long weekends gone to dust. As usual, J’accuse specials can still be accessed on Sunday by purchasing the Malta Independent on Sunday.


8 responses to “Sick

  1. Aww poor you! take care.

  2. Get well soon my friend.

  3. Sore throats can be the worst.

    Have a very speedy recovery.

  4. Ghandek bzonn tabib?

  5. Le Ton tinkwetax 🙂 Nahseb jghaddi jekk nippersevera. Grazzi tal-offerta pero! Thanks for all the good wishes guys and gal.

  6. Here is to a gentle recovery …

  7. arlette baldacchino

    forget about the strepsils and get yourself some real honey. will work wonders!

    get well soon

  8. I don’t know who ETA calls when they want to warn of an impending terrorist attack, but this site is where I let my three (four?) fans know about updates to my blog.
    At between one and two posts a year, this blogging thing is really getting quite habit-forming.

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