Terms of Reference

If you don’t believe me when I say that sometimes it’s useless to blog in summer just take a look at the search terms that were used by people who ended up reading J’accuse. And this is only one day’s work (yesterday):

Search Views
buddhist monk on fire 3
lidl malta 2
jesus about tax 1
non sequitur 1
monk on fire 1
jibjad 1
beastie boys 1
proverbji 1
“i miss you” heavens miss rain 1
man with 7 wives 1

The “Buddhist Monk on Fire” is a search that still continues to intrigue me. It gets me a steady flow of around 20 hits a day – not the search itself but the post called “Myanmar”.

I’d love to know what the guy or gal who googled “jesus about tax” was thinking – and to have seen the disappointment on their face when they ended up on these wankellectual pages. In any case a hint is due – I guess he’d say something like Give to Ceasar what is Ceasars. In other words pay your taxes dude if you want to be at peace with Jeezus.

Jibjad” is probably – I’m guessing here – Maltese for “he whitens” or “he goes white/pales”. Mysterious to say the least. There’s no doubt that whoever goes looking for “non sequitur” on the web will find quite a few on J’accuse – we’ve reached number 84 if I am not mistaken.

Then there’s ““i miss you” heavens miss rain” – that must be a lyric seeker. Sorry to disappoint you mate – I think I used the phrase once in a TGIL post. And what about whoever was looking for “man with 7 wives” … I have just one answer – It wasn’t me!

Last but now least one that does not feature on yesterday’s list but is cool just the same is “past the duchy to the left hand side” – I just love a misheard lyric when I see one!

Finally (after the last but not least) apologies are due to whoever looked up “rene particelli” and ended up here. Sorry dude, no idea who the bloke or particles are.

This has been j’accuse pointing out that even blogging can be futile in midsummer.



4 responses to “Terms of Reference

  1. iktar misspelt milli misheard…id-diska hija Pass the Dutchie


  2. erm….i just noted i posted a pointless post…even replying to blog posts in summer is futile…

  3. Ara x’jinkazza Fr Joe Borg ghax Joseph Muscat qed jghid li dawk kontra d-divorzju huma konservattivi;
    Dr Muscat is so adamant to forge ahead without any real discussion that it seems that he does not even consider talking to anti-divorce Labour MPs before he – their leader – introduces a Private Members Bill of such momentous importance! An inclusive attitude towards the way politics should be done surely means that a leader should consult, on such an important subject, those within his own party that do not agree with him!

    This is not a lapsus. It’s a strategy and a policy. He is repeatedly dividing the country between conservatives on one side and moderates and progressives on the others. His article in The Times of August 4th is just another example. He is advocating an alliance of those he dubs as progressives and moderates against those he dubs as conservatives.

  4. Nice to see j’accuse back in funny form. Things had turned a bit – eh, how shall I put it? – depressing lately.

    My political platform – Rebbiegha Gdida – registered a great search term yesterday: ‘sex ma russa’. I know that we’ve adopted a full transparency policy but honestly…

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