Dirty ‘arry?

The Times reports that the police have concluded their report with regard to the serving of an arrest warrant to AD politician Harry Vassallo days before a general election. What we have is an exoneration of the police forces. If you call “mismanagement and chance” being involved in the handing of an arrest warrant an exoneration.

It’s like – it’s ok mate. We’re just inefficient that’s what. Our desk officer needed to tot up efficiency points so he got the first file to fall in his hands and after ascertaining that he was an ordinary bloke (Enrico Vassallo – no big head to be irritated- anzi, the less known, the more common the better) off he went with arrest warrant. The poor guy had no idea he was an “important” politician did he? What does that imply exactly? The measures of the law and all?

The best part is the attitude of the police towards these particular arrest warrants:

On top of this, the report points out that, because hundreds of such arrest warrants are issued in connection with VAT reporting offences – which are known to carry draconian penalties usually resolved through a Presidential pardon – the warrant was probably not considered to be urgent.

You see. Administratively they call a spade a spade. The legal measure is extreme – draconian even – in any case most of them get pardoned Presidentially – there must be a reason. Which vindicates the point made before the election – fortuitous timing or conspiracy – the exaggerated reaction by the anti-AD crowd and pundits was biased and unfounded. To them this warrant was manna from heaven to attack the wasted vote crowd (while defending JPO’s party please note).

Different scales. Different measures. And an exoneration based on incompetent mismanagement. Lovely. I’d still like Harry to explain his conviction that it was no conspiracy. Just to hear his side of the argument and not just the police report.


6 responses to “Dirty ‘arry?

  1. Cominciamo con la premessa: la legge e` uguale per tutti.

    I could stop here but I will not.

    This HV saga reminds me of a similar one that occurred in Italy to about a decade ago during the G7 in Naples. Coincidentally the ‘avviso di garanzia’ was officially handed over to Primeminister Berlusconi while he was hosting this major event in the Campanian capital.

    At the time, I insisted (and few agreed as usual……. but the ‘truth’ is a privelege for the very small minority) that this was a disgusting, treacherous move by the communist magistrates intended to discredit and vilify the person infront of his esteemed colleagues and infront of the entire world. I had also added this was just a taste of what was yet to come for Berlusca.

    Now the very people who rebutted my conspiracy theory in that case are now tearing their clothes and are crying ‘scandalous, scandalous!’ for this HV story.

    Un po` di coerenza dai….

  2. Anton ma tistax tghid “la legge e uguale per tutti” u titkellem fuq Silvio Berlusconi. Infakkrek li hu l-istess bniedem li ghadda l-ligijijiet li jaghtuh l-immunita u jghinu biex jghattulu hafna tahwid – tigix b’magistratura kommunista u cucati ohrajn. Ammetti li hu ezempju perfett ta “min hexa mexa”.

  3. Sully you went completely out of point!

    I was only contesting the TIMING in my previous post.

    However, I most eager to reply to your comments.

    Berlusconi spent a decade in the courtrooms and was never found guilty on anything. Now I’ve (and obviously he’s) had enough of this farce. Italy is in such dire straits that it desperately needs a strong leader who dedicates life and soul to solving the country’s problems. Berlusconi is presently the only man fit for the job, even though he must be continuously pushed by the invaluable Lega Nord. He cannot waste any more of his time on the infinity of court procedures tailormade against him by the “toghe rosse”.

    Berlusca already made one huge miracle by eliminating the myriad of small parties and more importantly, the radical left from parliament. The next steps are control of immigration and strengthening the moribund Italian economy. If he succeeds, he will surely prove to be the greatest Italian statist of the last 50 years.

  4. fabrizioellul

    The real problems of Italy are the mafia, corruption and people not paying taxes. Berlusca, should address these problem instead of deploying soldiers in the cities to scare off immigrants. But then again, Silvio has been very busy passing tailor made laws to suit his personal ambitions.

    He is also a man of contradiction. He stands for a liberal market (and who isn’t nowadays?) but applies protectionism on Alitalia.
    As for freedom of speech, just ask, Enzio Biagi, Sabina Guzzanti and Santoro about it.

    Funny enough, in Italy you get the impression that there was Communism and not Fascism.

  5. I cannot but disagree with everything Fabrizio said, from beginning to end.

  6. fabrizioellul

    I didn’t expect anything different.

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