Medals of Honour

It would have been inconceivable during the Pan-Hellenic games. A heresy even. One of the main “rules” of the original Olympian games in Greece that were originally recorded in 776 BC was the period of peace that prevailed between the states while the games were played. It was an inter-national rule that was observed by all – during the games no war was allowed. No warmongering.

It’s 2008 A.D. and we are living in an advanced world. The no war during the olympics rule has been shattered in a region of Georgia – Ossetia. War is being waged (although there is currenty a ceasefire) in South Ossetia. The breakaway province is being backed by the Russian Bear. It’s a weird Russian bear – one that on the one hand promises plans for a Euro-Asian security organisation (including China and India) by Septemeber and on the other hand rattles its sabres with the tiny bordering republics in what is being perceived as an attempt to expose Europe’s weakness or inability to maintain stability within areas that Russia believes should be its sphere of influence by right.

Georgia of the -adze’s is suffering a hard time. Another province has declared war as I type – Abkhazia. The international world is shuffling its feet although the EU has already called for a ceasefire and discussions. Meanwhile in an Olympic event concluded today (pistol 10 metre range) a Russian and a Georgian lady won silver and bronze respectively.

Notwithstanding what is happening in their countries the ladies hugged and kissed when they came off the podium in what was evidently a clear sign to show what the common people really want. Maybe there is still some olympic spirit left after all.

Now where did I put my tissues?


2 responses to “Medals of Honour

  1. Its a tricky situation.

    The USA are pulling Georgia from one end and ‘Imperialist’ Mother Russia is pulling it from the other. Culture, identity, territory are pivotal issues here. But in the end, the main issue is oil, or rather oil pipelines. The thirst for this natural resource will lead (and is already leading) to major warmongering.

    Russia used its influence and culture to destabilise the region and ‘forced’ Saakashvili to gamble. He started off a blitzkrieg on 08/08/08 during the Olympic inauguration hoping that the element of surprise would turn matters in his favour. Ma Putin non e` un pirla, e ringrazia.

    That was exactly what he was waiting for. Within a day he pushed back the Georgians and now is strategically destroying the nation’s infrastucture. Moreover, he triggered off war in the other separatist pro-Russian Abkhazia. Checkmate.


  2. Guzeppi Grech

    You can prod the bear, but be prepared to face it.
    Just my stab at pointing out that double standards could have been avoided back when everyone was jumping on to the Kosovo band-wagon.
    Those who were cautious (and this included countries with their own contentious and apt-to-break-free regions) warned against setting a precedent. One can’t vilify Serbia yet extol Georgia for the mutandis mutandi attempt of stopping a break-away region from doing their thing. Kosova had Albania prodding and the USA and Nato propping, South Ossetia have the Russkies doing both (the 2000 people who got killed did somewhat claim Russian citizenship)

    Anyway, just my own way of prodding the beast of dilettente emotional debate 🙂

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