If it’s August, why is the sky all grey and cloudy? If people are supposed to be on holiday, why are the streets empty and bare? If olympics are about the noble spirit of participation, why are there multi-millionaires kicking balls, holding rackets and slamdunking? If it’s a drug, why do they insist on calling it a performance enhancer? If it sounds like music from my youth, why does the DJ insist on calling it “a throwback to the nineties”? If it’s art, why are we bothered by the breasts (at least I left out the underarm hair – It just won’t do Signor Modigliani)?

But most of all… if it is supposed to be good… why oh why do they call it a DOUBLE Taxation Treaty*?

music: Why does it always rain on me? (Travis)
mood: transference
direction: Metz Saint Jacques

PICTURE: Sarah Lucas – Melon Table (with a nod to fabrizio ellul)

* it’s a rhetorical question. no need to answer. if you really do not know look it up on wikipedia.


2 responses to “If

  1. ‘Melon table’?

    More like ‘Table Manners’.

  2. fabrizioellul

    good one Jaques 🙂

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