And we still can’t get over it

The second of the holiday Fridays is being spent in Luxembourg. I have what the French call “le rheum“… flipping great isn’t it? Anyways, still in holiday mode, still not much time to blog and still marvelling at how Jason Micallef got re-elected. Olympics Opening ceremony is in eight minutes so I will not keep you long. Just a small message to say I am still here. Still in August Hibernation mode that is.

music for the moment: Hot Chip – Ready for the floor (Beaver Productions)


3 responses to “And we still can’t get over it

  1. Is that a painting by Modigliani which I see before me??? I am not partial to the pop art of chairman Mao. Well actually its the subject not the art that I do not like. does that make sense? the summer heat is getting to me. It addles the brains.

  2. Oh God. Hsejjes and tits. It’s like waving a red flag infront of a bull. Yep it’s Modigliani, it’s here for the week and unless you are planning to sue for topless blogbathing then you’ll have to deal with it! 🙂

    Warhol meets Mao. Cool innit?

  3. fabrizioellul

    David – Modigliani – Warhol … slowly moving to Post-Modernism.

    hmm… something to think about (i.e.Malta catching up with Europe) or just a bored blogger?

    When you get to the 90’s make sure to include someone from the YBA.

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