We were just bored witless

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! There are times when the jury does its duty and times when they just cannot be bothered by the whole razzmatazz. They just want it to get over and done with. To go back home and not bear this responsibility. It’s not right is it. Neither do such instances help tto build trust and confidence in the jury system.

Time and time again I have asked myself whether we, the non-labourites, are being too judgemental about Jason Micallef. Whether there is really something to be said in his favour. I do not think so. And on this hot August afternoon I can only imagine that delegates voted out of spite, out of some twisted instinct of self-preservation or out of boredom. And I am really biting my tongue not to say out of crass stupidity.

We started with the rih tal-bidla (wind of change) that was supposed to bring a terremot (earthquake) and a tsunami of change. Once the charades and the hugging was over and once the early honeymoon calmed down, there they went and voted back the worst label of non-change possible.

It-temp mistenni ikun bnazzi u jerga’ joqrob ghall-istagnar. Il-bahar wieqaf b’imbatt baxx mill-majistral.

Plus ça change.


5 responses to “We were just bored witless

  1. Dr. Zammit,

    You cynics grossly underestimate the healing power of LOVE. It can move mountains. It can touch people in ways you can’t even imagine. He who hath sinned shall be forgiven. Love is a many splendored thing, Love lifts us up where we belong, All you need is love!

    …Plus c’est la meme chose.

  2. Leli Breakdowns

    Jason wouldn’t have been my first choice. His first 4 years of term were OK. The last year was a shame. He didn’t deserved re-election. But, we live in a democratic society and sometimes, democratic choices are not the best choices. JPO is another case in point. I am a Labourite but not a delegate. Perhaps they voted for Jason for reasons which are not mentioned in your contribution and which are unknoen to us all. If (a big one) Jason is restrained by the new leadership and if he is ready to apologise for his mistakes and learn for them, he would do a good job.

  3. I am of the opinion that Jason had things stacked against him, including a number of awkward moments. It will be interesting to see how he manages to get along with other members.

    I am surprised that he took it but then again we have to remember that with a purely democratic process supporters of all parties vote and I would not put it past us to vote upon the basis of one’s party (not necessarily labour) rather than in the interests of the country. In this I understand why there is a need for a delegate system within parties.

    This, of course, does not apply to the appointment of Eddie Fenech Adami as President of Malta. In this I will remain mystified as to the reasoning behind making the presidential spot anything other than a truly democratic exercise.

  4. Nous sommes désolés…to have to disappoint those amongst you that were already climaxing at the thought that Jason was going to f**k up Joseph’s efforts to bring Labour to the 21st century. Keep your eyes on the ball.
    Thomas Falzon
    Labour in Labour

  5. Lil Thomas Falzon – ghaziz Thomas (jekk dak hu ismek u mhux xi psewdonomu- u naf ghandi il-wicc nitkaza bil-psewdonomi) – taf x’idejjaqni fuqkom tal-Labour? Li tahsbu li kulhadd veru imbecilli u ma injorant (anke in-Nazzjonalisti ghandhom minn dan imma halliha ghalissa). Forsi ma tindunawx imma l-istil ta kitba hi bhal marki tal-iswaba – partikolari hafna u tista tiddentifika l-kittieb minnha. Jiena nqieghed il-flus li l-blog ta Labour in Labour mhux miktub minn skoss zghazagh akkaniti imma minn xi baffut Laburist. B’dana m’hemm xejn hazin…imma haqq ghal-pacenzja ghaliex tkomplu bil-melodrammi?

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