The Web Speaks Chinese

It’s official. China has just overtaken the US as the country with the greatest number of internet users. 253 million chinese are internet users (19% of the population) as against the 220 million in the US (70%). The percentages in the brackets show that the Chinese can only stay at the top as more and more Chinese use the web. This, together with the new domain protocol, seems to be a guarantee that the Web as we know it is not here for long. Or maybe not.

source: La Stampa


3 responses to “The Web Speaks Chinese

  1. Looks like a market to me! with so many potential clients!

  2. Sure! Now I wonder what is Chinese for “How much is the fish?” 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this Jacques – very interesting. “New Scientist” carries articles in this vein fairly often – basically the idea is that ‘the Internet’ will eventually give way to ‘Internets’. Dreams of an emerging global language may have been just that. An exciting time to be living in I suppose, despite the melting ice caps.

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