F.I.F.T. – No Prizes for Guessing

A little quiz for the enthusiasts. This banner featured during the Champion’s League Qualifier game Valletta v Artmedia. The acronym is F.I.F.T. Can any geezer reading J’accuse guess what phrase (parental advisory – expletives used) it stands for? No prizes for guessing. Just the satisfaction of getting it right!


3 responses to “F.I.F.T. – No Prizes for Guessing

  1. Something to do with “their” family maybe?

  2. Guzeppi Grech

    My bet would be:

    F’gho** Il-Familja Taghkom

    Hope I’m wrong, but that’s what I assume (perhaps wrongly) fits the typical mindframe.

  3. Quite right Guzeppi, although I am told that in the case of Valletta they also have the “F*** Il-Floriana Taghkom” variant.

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