Sneak Preview (Pythonesque)

Another sneak preview of Sunday’s article on the Indy:

A history lesson?

(…) an Emperor must never be heard to say: “I’ve led you up a creek full of excrement and I can see no sign of a paddle on the horizon”, so I guess euphemisms for “we bloody well lost it” were very much in order. Hence Gyokuon-hoso and a dignified euphemism to give the impression that even in defeat, the Emperor was in control.

Gourmet advice for the voter?

You might as well vote a Kinder Sorpresa Egg into government and hope for the best: that once you chew through the sweet promise of chocolate you will find a package of positive reforms and not come across cronyism, uncontrolled development or knee-jerk, unaccountable governance.

Only in Malta?

Only in Malta will the pro-divorce voter vote for the party that gave out the most signs of being against the introduction in the first place.

Dead Parrots?

In fact electing the nationalists to government was a bit like buying the dead Norwegian parrot. It was the only one in the shop and it stood glued to the perch promising an evening of interesting noises in the company of a lovely plumed bird.

Thank God for the Nationalists?

(…) it is August 2008, Michael Jackson turns 50 and we are supposed to applaud the government for thinking of “opening the debate” about divorce or finally moving it’s finger to try to improve the transport system.

all that and “Ten Seconds of Sex”. Out tomorrow with your favourite uncensored Sunday.


2 responses to “Sneak Preview (Pythonesque)

  1. Danny Attard

    Pick read of the day…by some way. prosit.

  2. Loved the article, as usual =)

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