They’re at it again. Some labourites now claim to possess a sense of humour (their words not mine). They probably need it with an Electoral Commission that never ceases to amaze with throwbacks to the past. Here’s Wenzu Mintoff’s latest blog posting:


Jiġu ppostjati postings ġodda fuq dan is-sit wara l-4 t’Awwissu, hekk kif ikunu tlestew l-elezzjonijiet interni fi ħdan il-Partit Laburista. Dan fuq direttiva tal-Kummissjoni Elettorali ta’ l-istess Partit.

Somehow I still find it funny, though the joke is getting a bit stale. Direttiva, direttiva, direttiva, this blessed Electoral Commission is more prolific than the European Commission and Parliament. Well, if they’re happy and amused… who are we to complain?


4 responses to “Pravda

  1. Thomas Falzon

    You are absolutely right. The MLP Electoral Commision’s directive to contestants for the Administration & Executive elections is a stupid joke. We at Labour in labour will be, of course, treating it as such and will egregiously ignore it.

    The debate on this issue on our blog continues unabated (over 100 comments in four days – not a few of which of essay lenght) and will continue to do so until all those fancying themselves as stakeholders, have said their own last word on the subject.

    Moreover…I have just read the dregs on the bottom of this morning’s first coffee cup…and they reveal that Joe Falzon’s praspar will not survive the tsunami generated by Joseph Muscat’s terremot.

    Thomas Falzon
    Labour in labour

  2. Thomas Falzon

    Afterthought…several cuppacoffees later, must join CA.

    Just in case you don’t know who Joe Falzon is, he’s the chairperson of the MLP’s Electoral Commission.

    Moral of the tale: we’re often so taken up by the cares of our little world, that we assume that everybody in the bigger world must necessarily know all the inhabitants of our own.

    Profuse apologies ,
    土下座 and next time 十文字切り,

    Thomas Falzon
    Labour in labour

  3. “It really looks like Joseph’s New Political Season is compelling the elites to realise that the ‘great unwashed’ have a formidable political weapon…a sense of humour (from labourinlabour)

    Crikey…I never knew that political revolutions could go THAT far? This is serious cult material which must be emulated pronto.

  4. Thomas Falzon

    We haven’t had a good laugh for as long as we can remember!

    At ourselves and at ‘the others’.
    So now we’re going to laugh.
    We’re going to laugh at the pompous and the bombastic,
    at the meek and humble and the abjectly modest,
    at the barons and the bonded serfs,
    at the bullshitters
    and at those who shit in their pants
    when the bullshitters roar (like kittens),
    at those that take Holy Communion twice on Sunday
    and snort a couple of lines of the finest on Saturday night,
    at those that brown-nose and those that love to be thus honoured and excited,
    at those who live beyond their means
    and at those who are mean with their surplus means,
    at those who live on the moral earnings of others,
    at Peter and at Judas
    (who are, quite frankly, not so dissimilar)
    but not at Thomas (who needs to check personally) etc etc.

    Verily, verily I say unto thee: A party one is not allowed to laugh in is a party to be laughed at.

    Not original, of course. I screwed around with Brecht’s “A theatre one is not to allowed to laugh in is a theatre to be laughed at”.

    But then, lack of originality is not a proof of untruth. If you were to say that JPL is a liar (=true) and I were to repeat what you said (=not original), my statement would be both true and unoriginal.

    Cut it out Tom, you are belabouring a sore point! Siggi, Jacques, meta ser tergghu tonorawna bil-presenza taghkhom?

    Thomas Falzon
    Labour in labour

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