Let the misinterpretation begin…

Nine of the 27 European Union countries are to agree an international divorce law after Sweden blocked an EU-wide deal, in a move that could set a precedent for small groups to cooperate, diplomats said. The move could pave the way for pioneer groups in other areas if the European Union is unable to overcome Ireland’s “No” vote to the Lisbon Treaty.

In what will be the first significant example of enhanced cooperation, a number of EU countries are agreeing to work together on the subject of divorce and divorce recognition. Rather than being an imposition on EU countries, it is a mechanism whereby a group of willing states, intent on cooperating further than the basic EU framework provisions work (within the EU) on a system that “enhances” that cooperation. In essence what this means is that a number of countries where divorce already exists will create a common legislative framework intended to prevent forum fishing among divorcing couples – a framework to which they voluntarily adhere and which applies only between themselves.

In other words, as Maltese, it’s none of our business. But like hell will it stay that way (at least not for the conservative crowd).

A spokesman for the Maltese Ministry of Justice said Malta would not form of this grouping. While it was not hindering the group’s formation, Malta would make sure that divorce would not form part of the Maltese legal system, the spokesman said.

An unwarranted conclusion by the spokesman, worthy of the best Non Sequitur. Let us hear it for the “divorce is now on the table for discussion” crowd! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

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3 responses to “Let the misinterpretation begin…

  1. Danny Attard

    As long as the amazing coalition of desperately conservative and liberals thrives under the NP banner, our culture of extreme mediocrity will prosper like burning dry hay. After all, its the ‘economy’ stupid, I hear a deriding voice cry in me, economy meaning…

  2. Locks have keys. Seatbelts unfasten. The Mediterranean has inlets and outlets.

    In any situation where the outlet is insufficient to naturally cope with the inlets pressure builds.

    I personally do not see any scope for the state to force the church to allow divorce. It is the religion of the church after all. However let the church also not interfere in the everyday function of the state and people’s lives.

    Consentuality in divorce should over-ride religious dogmas.

    Thanks for this article.

  3. And there goes Daphne about what a pragmatist Lawrence Gonzi is, introducing divorce. It’s funny how when Alfred Sant changed his mind it was being an opportunist but when Gonzi does it – that’s pragmatism. Methinks there will be lots of talk but little action about the divorce law.

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