The Last Grains of Sand

The J’accuse holiday is almost over. Two days to go before the return to the Duchy. Apologies are due to the readers for this unplanned absence but I am sure you got a well deserved rest from all the ranting. A big hello goes to the surprising amount of readers from the home island (Gozo) who I discovered while having a great time at the impressive feast of Saint George. I would never have imagined that there are so many silent readers of the blog. Here’s a little collage of blobs from the net that I noticed tonight after coming home from a late night taster of five a side football (sweatball more like it).

Blob 1: La Donna Bendata

therese vella (8 hours, 32 minutes ago)
This is the second tragedy that has touched the hearts of the Maltese this year, the first being the Naxxar explosions. I wonder if there is a next one, fuq tlieta toqghod il-borma.
A reader of the Bocca blog posts in a very sensitive and sensible way. Della serie, positive thinking at its best.
Blob 2: Link to Me
Jiena ser nagħmel lista ta’ links f’din il-blog, fosthom il-blog ta’ Neville Gafa’ u nittama li hu jagħmel l-istess jiġifieri, tiegħi f’tiegħu. Kull min għandu blog xellugi jgħidli sabiex nagħmilha bħala link f’din il-blog u b’hekk inkunu qegħdin nipproliferaw dak kollu li jkun jidher fuq il-blogs. Noħolqu speċi ta’ xibka ta’ komunikazzjoni elettronika. Nittama ukoll li dawk li għad m’għandhomx waħda, joħolquha. Ma tridx sforzi kbar biex tagħmilha.
Toni Abela discovers blog links. Welcome to the blogging world.
Blob 3: The Age of Bereavement Reporting
“He was identified through his tattoos. He had my name imprinted near his groin. I wanted to see his face in the mortuary but they refused to uncover the sheet completely.” (TOM)
A bit too much information. The Post-Diana era hits us once again. We all have to share all the morbid details. Ben Elton is right isn’t he?
Blob 4: Unsourced
I cannot remember in which part of the print I read this one but this week a group of Swedish boys were arraigned in court (after spending one night in a cell) for having walked around Paceville in their boxers. They were charged with committing “lewd acts in public”. For crying out loud. When will this moral hypocrisy stop?
Addendum: Thanks to Keith for the link. Now the blob can be completed:
But in one of the most bizarre cases of the year, seven Swedish youngsters yesterday ended up in court charged with “lewd acts in public” after they walked around the popular nightspot in boxer shorts. (…)”We were running around in boxer shorts, we thought it would be funny but it was kind of stupid,” he explained. His friends, all lined up in tatty clothes after a night in a cell, more or less repeated his version or simply pleaded guilty before they were discharged on condition that they do not ‘offend’ again within a year.” (TOM)
The best part, as often happens nowadays, is provided by the comments, here’s an illuminated M. Mercieca:

But what constitute (sic) civilized? Since thousands of years and until today you see many Africans, South American and south Asian tribes living nude. This is most probably lack of means . While ‘civilized’ westerners promote nudism lack of moralities. If being civilized or un-civilized is measured by how nude one can be. The African and Asian tribes would be the most civilized peoples.

Or to put it differently – we are born civilised and from then on we just become plain stupid.


2 responses to “The Last Grains of Sand

  1. I trust that you’ve enjoyed your rest. The closing days are always the hardest, unless you’re not having fun. ^_^

    On a different note it should be pointed out that in many places in the world the teenagers would have been admonished for wearing little more than boxer shorts in public.

    However I wholeheartedly agree that there comes a point where the Law should back off and use the same degree of minimalist intervention as witnessed in, for example, the strike action. Were the bare-chested drivers also committing lewd acts? If so were any charged?

    From a slightly different perspective where do the authorities get off classifying the human body as something obscene in itself? Is this yet another example of how religion has over-penetrated into the functionality of society?

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