Don’t believe the hype (Petrol)

Just driven back to St Julian’s from Golden Bay. Long queue for petrol from Wembley’s (st Andrews) to Sunrise (also St Andrews a couple of hundred metres down on Regional Road). Turns out there was a rumour that petrol station owners would join the strike. GRTU have denied any impending strike by the petrol station owners. It ain’t true… it’s just headless chickens. More of the MLPN legacy – “GHax il-gvern ha jaghmel! Ghax ha jistrajkjaw u ha jkissru kull m’hemm” “GHax ha jispicca l-petrol”…


I am off to watch Valletta v Artmedia (Champions’ League). “Ghax f’idejna c-cinturin”.


3 responses to “Don’t believe the hype (Petrol)

  1. I think the rumour was probably to do with a statement from Vince Farrugia about how other sectors may “take action”, among them petrol stations.

  2. Gosh, is there anything, negatively viewed, that is not “MLPN legacy”?

  3. With a transport strike underway (albeit simmering down) it is only natural that relevant rumours would spread easier than would otherwise be the case. Such is especially true when the rumour is backed by a legitimate fear.

    I’ve heard that a couple of the smaller pumps in my area ran low on fuel but I suspect that it had more to do with the anticipated spike in demand than any attempt on the drivers’ part to cut off resupply infrastructure… which is fortunate.

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