You are so beautiful (Hungover Edit)

WARNING: Reading summertime blogs can seriously damage your health. Read responsibly and use adequate protection.

The summer mood is in full swing and the guilty feeling of neglect with regard to blogging is relegated to a little corner of the back of my mind (somewhere between the reminder to pay the bills and the one to book the service for my car). It’s normal because I am on holiday and it’s normal because this is the period of the internet browsing slump – at least in the little corner of the world that is Malta. For the benefit of those who are not lucky enough to be on the island allow me to explain that it is very hard to sit at a computer and browse when the heat is immense and the temptation to be at the beach is very, very high.

This little blogging exception can be easily explained. I had a wedding yesterday and I broke my flexible rule of alcoholic moderation. As a rule one negroni more than one is one too many. (Yep, read it slowly.. it makes sense). I went one too many six or seven times and by the time I left Castello Zammitello for Paceville I was not in the most presentable of states. Anyway, so I am now slowly sipping a very concentrated coffee and listening to random 80s and 90s throwback songs (the wedding effect) while typing this post that might qualify as GIGO of the hungover degree. For a taste of normal J’accuse article writing log on to the Indy tomorrow for the weekly pearls of wisdom. (I can hear you gnarling at this bigheadedness from here).

Bon. Sobering up is a sobering experience (there’s another tautology for your notebook). I still have a myriad conversations floating around my mind trying to settle in some logical formation as I trim out the non sequiturs in the process. I do remember a conversation about the worst song lyrics ever and while the authoress of children’s novels did suggest “I like Chopin” as a main candidate I stick to my two favourites:

Song: Rythm is a Dancer (Snap)
Offending Lyric: “I’m as serious as cancer when I say rythm is a dancer”

Song: You are so beautiful (Joe Cocker)
Offending Lyric: “You are so beautiful… TO ME”

close runner up:

Song: Gimme Five (Jovanotti)
Offending Lyric: “gimme five… all right”


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