Not Vin.. Agostino Pio. Of the ministerial kind. The Minister on warpath has jost fobbed off complaints by the MLP and GRTU regarding the cost of diesel. It seems that, bar Bulgaria, Malta has the cheapest diesel prices in the EU. I know a bit about that one – diesel prices have just been hiked up (again) in the Duchy – there goes my pleasant gas guzzling ride.  Malta also charges the minimum excise duty possible under EU rules. Well… to an ignorant blogger like me it seems like Austin Gatt’s explanation holds water… or diesel at least. Dontcha just lurv those armpits?

(a summertime blog is allowed lax quality and hopeless accompanying picture playing on stupid name puns – expect more of the same as j’accuse lands on the island for two weeks of fun and frolic)


5 responses to “Diesel

  1. Hi Jacques,

    his explanation might hold some kind of water on the surface..only the news provoked some furious replies on the TOM website, to the effect, yes diesal prices are comparatively low, but so are our WAGES…during your upcoming stay on the rock you will prob realise that ppl are kind of upset right now as they realise that no matter how much they work, they basically don’t have much money left over after all the bills are paid. (And it’s gonna get worse…)Everyone is pretty much pissed off…and the heat isn’t helping 🙂

  2. I approve of that pic Jacques! Well done! 🙂

  3. danny attard

    I had occasion to say this and will repeat it here: Knowledge/Information is power.

    My instinct is to try to find out what Government will not be saying.

    Eg. The standards re: quality for diesel fuel are periodically updated to reflect changes in specifications, such as the mandatory reductions in sulfur content.

    Standards provide options for different climates, the EN 590 standard specifies six Temperature Climate Grades of diesel fuel (Grade A…F) which differ in the CFPP value. Each country shall detail requirements for a summer and winter grade, and may also include intermediate or regional grades as justified by national climate conditions.

    Mandatory environmental fuel specifications also apply.

    • 1996.10: A maximum sulfur limit of 500 ppm for diesel fuel.

    • 2009.01: A maximum sulfur limit of 10 ppm (“sulfur-free”) for diesel fuel for highway and nonroad vehicles.

    And so the question begs: are we talking like with like?

    In any case, is the Minister’s statement trying to indirectly justify the fact that we are still reliant on the Marsa Power Station for an important chunk of our electricity supply?

  4. danny attard

    Apologies for my heavy contribution 🙂 will remove my armour and put on my boxer shorts Happy hols

  5. Your heavy contribution is warranted in the context of a very heavy issue, I would think.

    Thank you for that thought. I had not thought of fuel quality before.

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