Stormy Weather

It’s just past midnight in the Grand Duchy. We have a very strong wind blowing across the city, torrential rain and an incredible humidity. After a crucifying session at the gym I settled infront of TV following the latest breaking news about the release of FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt after 6 years of imprisonment. Blogging is rather slow right now… the main reason is that these are the last two weeks of the judicial year at the court and work is proceeding at a superfast pace before the judges break ranks for the summer.

To complicate matters, the Court of Justice is moving – basically to a newer wing of the same building. That means that Cabinet Borg Barthet moves along with the rest and the move will be made next week. My office is currently upside down and full of carton boxes to be filled with all my files and books. I hear you wondering why I do not blog at home. Here’s one answer: Wii Fit. I bought it last week and I am hooked. Losing weight is not the main aim since my BMI is close to where it should be. It’s more about the fitness part! Plus its fun.

In any case the two months of July and August are never blogging bombs so I am sure the general blogging world goes through a tiny slump only to revive in September as the autumn routine sets in. The good thing about the judicial break is that I have been able to book two weeks in Malta kicking off on the 10th July – Riviera Beach here I come! I am lucky enough to make it on the island for the return of Xtruppaw – on the 12th July at Poxx bar. Looking forward to hear their new songs.
So please be patient with me if the blogging regularity and quality is not tops but as you can see I am sorta busy moving and generally keeping fit.

See you soon. (probably tomorrow)

Photo  © Charles Betz (Lightning-Pont-Charlotte)


One response to “Stormy Weather

  1. Did you say “crucifying”, Dr. Zammit?


    nudge, nudge, wink, wink



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