Gatt attacks!

Minister Gatt is not known as one to mince his words and has often attracted positive comments from this corner of the world of punditry. He has now decided to take on that wonderful world of transport monopolies that stretches from shabby coaches to arrogant taxis to the last drives on this earth (funeral hearses): The Federation of Transport Operators threatens to wreak havoc if Gatt’s plans to liberalise these sectors materialise – and Gatt has already told them to bring it on.

Transport operators currently enjoying some sort of protection could not expect to have a veto on any initiatives taken in the interests of users of public transport, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Austin Gatt warned this afternoon. He was reacting to a statement by the Federation of Transport Operators in Malta which claimed that Dr Gatt last week made a proposal to the Cabinet to liberalise the sectors of tourist coaches, hearses and taxis.

Carry on Transporting Gatt! What J’accuse is worried about is that the much more needed reform of the real public transport sector – read buses and eventual plans for trains – is far from showing any tangible effects. In any case the state of the hearses market had already been examined by the Commission of Fair Trading in the morbidly named case “EZ 1/2001 Funerali” when the Commission decided that the conditions for allowing the hearse companies to operate under an exemption from Competition Law no longer existed.

Slowly but surely – we might even expect to see some tangible change in the near future. Let’s see how this reform business will fit in once the new fuel surcharge is announced.

For more detailed discussion on Public Transport in Malta visit Gybexi’s forum: .


8 responses to “Gatt attacks!

  1. danny attard

    Carry on Transporting Gatt! What J’accuse is worried about is that the much more needed reform of the real public transport sector – read buses and eventual plans for trains

    Yes indeed. this is the No one challenge.

  2. Gatt is just an old guard politician spouting the same old line. If the likes of Gatt haven`t dealt with transport after 20 years at the helm, what gives you hope they will turn things around now? The Nationalists desperately need some young blood at the top.

    Whatever happened to Manuel Delia? Say what you want, but the guy has born leadership qualities, is a bloody skilled political negotiator and a topnotch orator to boot. The sooner they hand the reins over to a young gun like that, the sooner PN will be able to duel with the MLP on an even footing.

    The MLP have got their young, dynamic leader so now it is time for PN to follow suit.

  3. Yep. “Say what you want” Simon.

    You say Gatt is an old style politician and then propose Delia as a new style leader? Sure. I am sure Delia is the way to go to win over the sceptical voters and the non-diehards. I’d hate to see the national budget should that ever happen. New style indeed – as for skillful political negotiation… hmmm I think the best I can do is bite my tongue and do the internet thing… rotfl. The only smatter of light I see in this is that 11 years have passed since Delia’s last public “show” and that time has been a good advisor to the person who in my not so humble though informed opinion chose PN interests before those of the students crippling KSU coffers in the process.

    There. You provoke, I answer. Say what you want!

  4. “Non-diehards” sounds awful. How about “bornsoft”?


  5. Maybe not. It sounds too much like “soft porn”.


  6. Simon, Qed titkellem fuq l-istess Manuel Delia li nafu ahna? Li ghandu barba qisha ta Aristotile (imma mhux bajda) u li qed irabbi zaqq biex ikun jista jhaqqaqha ma politikanti kbar u hoxnin?Dak li jahdem mal-Ministru? Il-habib ta Fausto?

  7. Milli nista’ nifhem, Sully, int kilt hafna izjed kirxa ma’ Manwel Delia aktar milli qatt staht kilt jien.

  8. Fausto naf li bhalissa ma tantx tista tiekol kirxa ma Manwel Delia – imma nghidlek id-dritt lanqas jien ma nazarda nintefa ma mejda mieghu, l-iktar jekk tkun xi buffet meal. Forsi qed inkun paranoiku(ergajna) imma nimmaginah jahtafli l-ahhar chicken wing mill-platt u jibla l-ahhar sweet and sour pork ball. Biex inkunu cari….dawn l-attributi ma jnaqssu xejn mill-kwalitajiet ta Manwel

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