Not my favourite advert

Jacques chocolate comes up with an unfortunate slogan that does not translate very well for the non-francophones. To discover more of the sad publicity campaign by Jacques chocolate go here – “Jacques is Crac” and “Jacques is Cool” are just two other posters featuring the oddly chosen Jacques Knight.


3 responses to “Not my favourite advert

  1. arlette baldacchino

    sound to me like you like it. i mean, if you didn’t surely you wouldn’t have highlighted it.

    wasn’t chanel “madame coco” too. besides, that jacques knight seems to be enjoying the attention of a blond babe, whilst relaxing on a sandy beach so it can’t be all that bad.

  2. You have done it again!!!!! 🙂 Do you think there is a real man inside that suit of armour?? And if so, is there any space for any er emm er lets call them extra extensions??? hahahaha

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