News Matters

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Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe Elections. Nicolas Sarkozy (France – EU Presidency). Ehud Olmert (Israel – Kadima Party). Bill Clinton (US – Endorsement of Obama). George Bush (US – refusal to accept Zimbabwe election result). Silvio Berlusconi (Italy – bill to freeze trials of public office holders including Berlusconi). Pope Benedict XVI (No to communion for divorcees). Heatwave (Italy – alarm at sudden heatwave). Energy Crisis (world – fuel prices on the rise, food prices on the rise and Europe might have to tackle a hot summer in these conditions).


From the UK High Court (BBC):

An attempt to block Britain’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has been rejected by the High Court.

Conservative MP Bill Cash sought a judicial review of the ratification process after Ireland rejected the treaty in a referendum. He said it would be unlawful for the UK government to continue with it. But in a ruling, Mr Justice Collins said: “It will be for Parliament, not the court, to decide whether the Bill should be passed.” He said ratification was “a matter of political not judicial decision” and Mr Cash’s case was “totally without merit since it is an attempt to pursue a political agenda through the court”. 

J’accuse & Expression

Workload still does not allow me to blog in a regular manner. I hope these snippets can provoke more interesting discussion. I have chosen not to continue to intervene in the discussion on expression and arguments relating to the person. The trench lines were drawn sometime before the election and I can only conclude that the change in our discussing mentality will only be slower than expected.

It would help if some people take some time to understand the meaning of the word “prejudice” – it’s Latin root means to pre-judge – to enter a discussion with a pre-conception. It has taken some time for some readers of J’accuse to understand that J’accuse takes no side automatically and has no pre-conception – we look at the news for what it is (admittedly sometimes with an excessively critical approach). We also aspire for an open society. Idealistic? Maybe. But we’re not throwing the towel now.

The debate remains free. The comments remain open. Do you need reminding that certain crass comments (whoever is making them) only serve to shoot the commentator in the foot?

Apologies once again for this post. Not the kind I like to write but no time for anything more researched for now. EU cases beckon and deadlines are what they are.


One response to “News Matters

  1. danny attard

    1300 – Dante saw a need for Europe to be an empire with power to control the common interest.

    2000 – The Lisbon Treaty seeks to invite a first central role to tip-toe in. The process is akin to two lovers trying to make love as they lie on their bed 6000 km apart…

    Where do we stand today…repeating the 1920s mistakes? Remember the league of nations, pan europa, the european federal union, all based on the idea of nations coming together to co-operate on an intergovernmental basis as a road to universal peace, working together for the common good without abandoning sovereignty?

    And then came the crash … and all nice ideals melted into thin air making way for forceful decisive action that marched to self destruction through the destruction of others…

    This time round, surging demand from India, China, etc plus a costly and useless war waged by the world’s oil currency drives down the dollar and drives up oil prices onto an oil crisis. Alternative energy solutions drive up the price of cereals.

    And what does Europe do? Discuss the Lisbon treaty.

    Its late, flippancy has mutated to something or other…Dante, we may be taking some kind of forward step when we all agree on whatever there is to agree upon…

    p.s. oil producers have earned $3tn in extra profits from the latest oil shock. And the poor are fast becoming poorer. And there must be some kind of ‘savior’ lurking out there. Will we learn our lessons and become our own problem solvers. If we do not do it, others will.

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