Hasta la Victoria (ai rigori)

Happy Duke’s Birthday Day – or whatever it is you are supposed to say on these occasions. It’s a public holiday in Luxembourg and yesterday was the National Day with much of fireworks (beautiful), street festival (crowded) and dancing in the street till dawn (not for me). I had kicked off the evening watching what I hoped would be an entertaining match between Italy and Spain. David Friggieri was in the Duchy and he joined me at home – thus I could watch the match with someone partial to a team and not in absolute objective (barring Del PIero, Camoranesi, Chiellini and Buffon) mood.

From the moment the ref whistled go (and the two bloggers sat consuming gluten-free pasta with dried tomatoes and garlic sauce) till the save by Casillas on Di Natale, the match produced nothing more than boring possession, chess-work and an incredible display of ineptitude by the supposedly formidable striker LucaToni. Not to mention the dives, the theatricals and the childish reactions that were no advert to football. I know that everyone is always wiser afterwards but I have long been saying that Donadoni is not the best coach Italy could have. Either that or the depth of choice for quality Italian players is very weak in many departments.

The styleDonadoni insisted on displaying during this cup is worthy of a Serie B team – one that can easily be reduced to getting the ball forward to Toni and pray he will hold it down long enough for one of the other players to leave their defensive stronghold and shoot at goal. I never was a big fan of the “torre” style of play (then again I fail miserably at Football Manager coaching Grimsby so for all you know all this tactic tall is a load of bull).

I have witnessed a couple of Italy matches in the presence of ultra fanatics of the Azzurri and I am glad to report that at the end of each match they concurred with this opinion. For once the Italians should (and probably will) admit that a victory by their team in these Championships would have been a huge stroke of “culo”. What really surprised me were Donadoni’s post-match comments – “We were not beaten. We lost at penalties”. Something of the sort. Which throws a bit of a damper on his country’s latest World Cup feat doesn’t it?

Well… not many people are gracious in defeat. But claiming a quasi-victory? That’s life I guess… and football. I only learnt that my predictions do not work. My bets would have been on Romania, Holland, Portugal and Spain. Only one is left and I have serious doubts that they will survive the impact of the Russians. We’ll see.

I’m off to enjoy the rare sun we’ve got on this National Holiday in Luxembourg. Take care and Win the Best.


8 responses to “Hasta la Victoria (ai rigori)

  1. Well… not many people are gracious in defeat. But claiming a quasi-victory?

    Donadoni is another Evarist Bartolo.

  2. fabrizioellul

    If you need further proof that the Russians are back as a superpower (or what they want us to believe …) you just need to see the football team.

    As for China; observe the chines chess team.

  3. fabrizioellul

    ‘have long been saying that Donadoni is not the best coach Italy could have.’

    true but I didn’t see Capello, Ancelloti or Spalletti rushing for the Italian job … One should also note that they produced good games against Romania and France and that against Spain (one of the best formation in recent time) they were without Gattuso and Pirlo.

    Oh, well. They are big boys and paid quite well for running after a ball; they will be ok.

  4. Ancora una volta e` colpa dell’Inter…..

    Neanche un giocatore merdazzurro nella finale, e questi sarebbero i `campioni d’Italia’, piu` che altro sono la barzelletta d`Italia

    Finche` non si limitera` il numero di stranieri nei club questi saranno i risultati.

    Poi sul fatto che Donadoni sia un pirla non ci piove…..

  5. 1) Grazie per l’ospiltalita’ di alto livello gozitano, per i gbejniet in versione grana padano, per la Jupiler, per i cacahuetes Delhaize e per il gelato. Ma la pasta gluten-free sembr’avere degli effetti devastanti sul sistema digestivo di comuni maltesi…

    2) David Friggieri e’ ormai un ex-blogger

    3) La frase piu’ bella nella pagina sport di La Repubblica quest’oggi e’ dedicata al grande Gus Hiddink:

    “Hiddink non e’ trendy, non e’ carismatico e non e’ cattivo. E’ un signore panzutello, con la faccia arrossata e la maglietta fina, che ai gol esulta come un ragazzo e agli allenamenti sbraita “Fuck you Lee”, “Fuck you Kim” o “Fuck you Tiziov” e “Fuck you Caienko” finche quelli si mettono a fare due cose contemporanemente: correre e pensare”. (Gabriele Romagnoli – Navi in Bottiglia).

  6. Matthew Aquilina

    Anton, hai dimenticato quando un merdazzurro come tu dici ha distrutto la Francia nella finale facendo gol, mandando Zidane sotto la doccia e segnando il suo rigore?

    C’e gente che dimentica troppo presto certe cose.

  7. E` lo stesso che ha causato il rigore?

    E` il macellaio della porta accanto?

    E` lo stesso che piangeva come un bambino nel 5 Maggio 2002?



    Someone should tell those wopdagogoombahs that you can’t win with a 9-1 formation unless you have the referees in your pocket like they did in the world cup.

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