The Last of the Poppycock Writers

Last Sunday was the Sunday where all the male columnists on the Maltese newspapers wrote all that poppycock about Joseph Muscat – or at least some told us that they did. The quasi-unanimous agreement that Joseph should be judged on his actions and that mudslinging and character assassination should be avoided was dismissed in some quarters (one quarter really) as a sign of latent homosexuality. That’s in case you forget.

An article by a friend of mine was held up as a paragon of good sense and sensibility. It was quoted in full (without the little eye-opener at the end that stated that there was more to come) as the only light in a dark swamp of monster-written absurdities. J’accuse reacted to this in the post entitled Deep Truth: Of poppycock and cock-lovers. We then sat back and waited for the second installment of Mark’s article. It’s up today on the Times of Malta and here is the concluding paragraph (do read the whole thing though – it’s great, as usual):

The question is whether or not Joseph Muscat will deliver, if not a new political season, at least some decent politics. The answer to that is still very far away, and it would be a real shame to bring the man down before he can even begin to contemplate it. – Mark-Anthony Falzon

Sounds very much like Give Joseph a Chance to me! All together now… “all we are saying….”


One response to “The Last of the Poppycock Writers

  1. Thanks for the kind comments Jacques. My point last week was NOT to bash Joseph Muscat – in any case, I have no axe to grind. What I found intolerable (and humorous at the same time) was a brand of rhetoric which I think is actually increasing in Maltese politics, madly enough (anyone listened to Joe Saliba’s speech yesterday? – oh my god). Beyond that, Muscat seems to be as decent a politician as any other. He urgently needs to clear the cringe though.

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