Reading Governmentspeak: Departure Tax

Minister Tonio Fenech has confirmed that the much loved departure tax will be removed as of November 1st 2008. Good news and a good start for many. J’accuse cannot comment on the Government’s opinion on whether the Commission is right or wrong when it says that the tax is a barrier to movement due to work obligations. What we can do is take a look at the words of Minister Tonio Fenech and see what they really mean when we remove the MLPN reasoning. Here’s a quote from today’s Indy:

Investment, Economy and Finance Minister Tonio Fenech yesterday confirmed that the legal notice abolishing the departure taxv will be issued next week meaning Maltese passengers will no longer have to pay it from 1 November. During a press conference held after a visit to Air Malta offices during which he met the new board members, Mr Fenech said that the e23/Lm10 departure tax, which had been introduced in 1997 under a Labour government, will be removed. The minister said that the government is implementing an electoral promise.

He explained that the departure tax will be removed in November for two reasons. Firstly because new fares and holiday bundles will be offered during that period and it did not make sense to introduce it earlier. Secondly, thanks to the government’s sound financial policy and the country’s stable economy, “unneeded” taxes can be removed. Referring to the initiated EU infringement procedures against Malta over the departure tax, Mr Fenech said the government did not agree with the EU’s stance and pointed out that the tax certainly did not hold back the Maltese from going abroad.

That is what he said. This is what he wants us to believe and what J’accuse thinks the reasonable vote should actually be reading.

1. Departure Tax is off the books from 1 November: Fenech is telling us that the government is taking a positive responsible action and even has a plan when to put it in place. What he does not tell us is that without the Commission breathing down his back (even if we are not sure that it is right) we would still be lumped with the Departure Tax. This is not a government planned decision. It is not a move to improve travel conditions. It is a knee-jerk reaction that cannot be delayed any longer.

2. Introduced by the Labour government in 1997: Of course it was. Who else would introduce such a ridiculous tax that reduces our competitiveness in the travel industry and disincentivises Maltese travellers (and was more expensive until a while ago)? Who other than those bumbling gits under Sant? Give us a break Tonio. Do you need reminding that you have trumpeted Sant’s government’s amazing collapse in 1998 all over the place – while saying that one of the reasons was Sant’s fetish for raising taxes? So tell me Tonio, has time flown so fast since 1998 for you not to notice that the PN has been in government for 10 years with that tax in place? Who cares if the Labour government mothered it? You seem to have milked it for as long as you could – not convincing at all.

3. Why they introduced it in November: And now for the bollocks. It was not reasonable to effect summer holiday packages and bundles – it was more reasonable to wait till November for the new fares. Tell it to the customers and families of four who would have saved e100 on their trip abroad this summer. Ask them what they would have considered more reasonable Tonio. For crying out loud.

4. The stable economy: Oil crisis? What oil crisis? Rising food prices? Where? The nationalist spin right now requires that whenever it is possible people are told that our country has a stable economy. Of course we are not living under crazy management systems of old but then again a modicum of moderation about this feel-good factor is to be expected from a responsible government. The Economist, the FT, all are criticising the efforts of governments to count on the trickle down effect in the hope to counter the slumping world econonomy. Citizen responsibilisation forms part of one of the means of tackling the current problem. No Tonio. You are not removing the tax because you can afford it – you are removing it because you cannot afford to keep it – and I am not talking economy there.

In sum, a tax that in my opinion (even independently of legal considerations*) should never have existed in a an island community is finally going out. No it’s not thanks to the PN. It’s not an electoral promise they are keeping. It’s an obligation to remove that should have been fulfilled since 1998. What Tonio is worried about is that the Maltese are diligent enough to keep all the receipts for their flights since 1997. He worries because had the Commission gone to Court about the Tax and had the Court decided that the tax should never have been, then, technically, the government would have had an obligation to reimburse that tax to all citizens who had paid it.

Now that’s something our stable economy would have liked.

*J’accuse has long argued that travel abroad should be heavily incentivised by government to ensure a holistic education for citizens. It is one way to work to minimise the effects of living on an island. Travel & Internet for everyone. That should be a mantra for the next few years.


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  1. Very thoughtful and clear. Thanks. M

  2. Relax . Get a life

  3. Will do Paul. Will do. Love your reasoned reaction. You must be so relaxed and full of life yourself. Jeez you’re probably married and have kids and vote Nationalist because you are not stupid. Then again I’m not very good at guessing these things – don’t have the experience you see – for all I know you could be a flag-waving rabble-oid youth who thinks elections are an occasion to carcade and sport really witty t-shirts.

    Methinks you’ve got the wrong address. But feel free to pop by again any time. J’accuse thrives on this kind of commenting too! Have a good Sunday.

  4. arlette baldacchino

    all bollocks imo. it was an unfair tax to start with, and now that everyone’s finally admitted that it has to go, they have the audacity to leave it there throughout october to squeeze every last friggin cent from people who travel.

    and when it goes, what then? will we see the introduction of a fuel surcharge to replace the departure tax?

    yes of course, we’d all like to relax and get a life. ideally we go abroad to get away from our mundane daily activities for a better form of relaxation, however even our leisure activities are taxed – unjustly.

    jacques, please don’t relax. i don’t mean work like a dog, i mean just keep writing and i hope to see this piece on whatever printed paper you contribute to. the indy i think but i don’t buy the papers so i could be wrong. its just that these types of articles should be seen and read by all and sundry not merely cyber people and bloggers.

  5. danny attard

    The tax itself never really bothered me…I mean a tenner on a 1000 bill is neither here nor there. It is the concept of taxing an islander when venturing beyond that riles. Whenever I travel I still do so consciously. I have to organize myself before I do and I assume that travel means spending a lot of money . Yet travel should become a catch-the-bus kind of experience…in the 60s we used to rush to catch the Friday ferry to mgarr…to this day corsicans rush across the nice tarmac to catch the Ajaccio flight back home. Our need to travel should not be influenced only by a need to return home. Travel is to life what the circulation system is to our bodies.

    p.s Paul, I think that your graffiti is a tad unoriginal. I’m sure you can do better.

  6. @Arlette:

    1. You don’t have to buy the newspapers to read them. Do what I do, and read them on line.

    2. If you don’t want to spend the equivalent of Lm10 on departure tax before October, you could always try leaving the country illegally. Just hope you don’t end up clinging to a tuna-pen somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The experience might teach you what it’s like to be one of those people you rant on against.

  7. Anonymous Comment

    J’ACCUSE NOTE: This comment was posted by an anonymous commentator. I can understand the point he/she wants to make – and I do not think Daphne has contradicted her statements in this article anywhere else. I have changed the name submitted (Daphne (in the past) and the puerile email and url given in. I’m tired of repeating: make your point. Do not attack the person. Is anyone listening?

    Daphne writing about the departure tax some months ago

    Malta Independent Online
    by Daphne Caruana Galizia

    Every year since I’ve been writing this column, people expect me to write about the Budget. And every year, I don’t. The kinds of people who think the budget is life’s fascinating fulcrum sometimes ask me why. The reason is obvious, though not to them: the Budget is boring. It’s that fatal combination of accountants, lawyers and small-town politicians, crowded into a room bristling with hostility and listening to the reading-out of deadly dull facts, statistics, numbers and percentages. We’ve come a long way from the days when we waited in suspense for the announcement of the price of a tin of mackerel (“Hames centezmi u tlett millezmi!”), accompanied by table-thumping from the thug-lined government benches – but then again, we haven’t. It’s a lot more civilised, but I still can’t get over the pettiness of it all. Instead of the price of tonn taz-zejt, we have announcements about Lm50 rebates on energy-saving household appliances, tax relief on a month’s worth of childcare, and the halving of the departure tax to Lm10. Of such grand stuff is the Maltese budget speech made.

    What a killer. And still, when I drove home as the budget speech was being read out, I couldn’t help noticing that the streets were as dead and empty as they are during an England-Italy World Cup Match, or the Eurovision Song Contest. People behave as though the budget speech contains the meaning of life, and then they’re disappointed to find out that it contains nothing exciting, or even remotely interesting. They should do what I do: have a hot bath while all the droning is going on, and then read about it in the newspaper next day. After all, what possible use is any budget information between bedtime and your shower the next morning? You might even sleep better. The next day, you get it all in bullet points, and can skip straight to the bits that directly concern you.

    The Budget is always petty, small-minded and Lilliputian by force of circumstance – the foremost of those circumstances being that we really do live in Lilliput – because there isn’t any money for the things that truly belong in a national budget speech. One example is this: “We have budgeted Lm15 million for road-building and road repair”, or “We have allocated funds for research into how best to ensure that all Maltese homes are properly heated in the winter months, so that this country will no longer be the only one in Europe where nobody has central heating.”

    The only time I discussed this budget with a politician, I told him that the only thing I am interested in, given that roads are off the radar, is what the government plans to do about the heating of homes in the winter. He said that this wasn’t on the radar, either. Fine, I asked, so you think it’s acceptable that we live in a country where only two per cent of the population can afford to keep their homes constantly warm, as opposed to switching pathetic little space heaters on and off each time they enter and leave the house – or worse, have absolutely no heating at all? I got that look that men sometimes give me when they think I’m being a neurotic and obsessive woman, but don’t dare say so, smiling tolerantly instead. But then, I find that heating homes is rarely a priority for men who spend almost all their waking hours in an office heated with an air-conditioner paid for by the company or the Treasury, while their kids do homework in freezing bedrooms and wives huddle against hideous space-heaters with giant gas cylinders sticking out of the back (after first hauling the heavy cylinders up the stairs and into position).

    Ensuring that the Maltese live in decently heated homes in winter, when the temperature indoors is colder than that outdoors, is not a priority for the Maltese government. A Lm50 refund on energy-saving equipment is thought to suffice instead. This puts Malta in the wonderfully schizoid position of having the iciest homes but the most sophisticated information technology systems in Europe. We shiver in our living rooms, but we can blog. We can blog while shivering; shiver while blogging, and dodgy doctors and pharmaceutical companies love it. They are the only ones to benefit from Malta’s non-existent heating systems, with all those antibiotics prescribed for viruses that are the result of cold, damp living conditions indoors. Almost every home has its broadband connection, but no home has proper heating. Am I the only one who sees how very odd this is?


    If I hear anyone bang on about the cost of the departure tax once more, I shall scream. The cost of the departure tax is not the point. There’s a principle at stake here: no government should grant permission to its citizens to leave the country only against payment of a tax. Even if the departure tax were to be pared down to 50 cents, it would be unacceptable. There are ugly names which may be used to describe what the government is doing when it tells us that it won’t allow us to leave Malta unless we pay it a sum of money. The most accurate of these names is extortion, and though the government – and the Labour opposition who first came up with the idea of a departure tax – may get very cross indeed to hear it described as such, the essential nature of this departure tax is precisely that: extortion. “Pay me or I won’t let you leave.” As in all cases of extortion, the victims in this case are left with no alternative but to pay, if they want or need to leave the country. The dreadful implications are not immediately evident to those who don’t stop and think about it, because Malta is an island (oh yes, oh dear) and people are forced to leave it using the strenuous and costly means of planes and ships.

    Now let us imagine that Malta is a landlocked State, like Switzerland, and you can get into a car and drive out, or even walk out, at any point on the border, straight into another country. Don’t all sigh with longing, now, because it’s never going to happen, not with global warming being what it is. To be able to extort money from every person who leaves, the government would have to build a wall right round the borders, with barbed wire, electric fencing and checkpoints manned by officious types a bit like our local wardens, but with cash registers. There would have to be border patrols to make sure that nobody gets out of Malta without paying the government. “My God, those poor people!” our geographical neighbours would say. “They have to pay their government to be allowed to cross the border.”

    People can’t see the departure tax clearly for what it is because nature has furnished the government with a Berlin wall that looks remarkably like the Mediterranean Sea. Only those who actually live here realise how complicated and expensive it is to get out, even for a day. And perversely, those who live here don’t realise how badly disadvantaged they are, or that the departure tax is effectively extortion, because they have no experience of living on the mainland and driving wherever they please for the weekend, without their government taking note of their comings and goings. Our government can only monitor our comings and goings because we are forced to use the port and the airport. It has used our disadvantage to its advantage, which is appallingly opportunistic extortion of the worst shoddy order. Curiously, the government seems to think that it’s just about the money, and that halving it will make us think that the glass is half full.

  8. Jacques – jien ikolli nikkumneta b’mod anonimu wkoll. Ma nara xejn hazin. Lanqas nara xejn hazin li wiehed jippostja artiklu ta Daphne fejn tghid li d-departure tax estorsjoni. Dak li qalet fil-passat u kellha kull ragun. Issa qed tinsinwa li in-nies li joggezzjonaw ghad-departure tax bhala qammielin – jekk dak mhux attakk uq il-persuna u devjazzjoni mill-argument ma naffx x’inhu.

  9. arlette baldacchino

    this blog gets more interesting by the hour 🙂 thanks for posting that article. i tend to disregard anything written by daffy, so i had missed that.

    and daffy, please stop chasing me around cyberspace like a bitch in heat. Oops i forgot! i’m a freak magnet, so you’re excused.

  10. That’s right, Jacques, I’m not contradicting myself. I was against the departure tax, and I am against the departure tax now. I was merely making a suggestion to Arlette as to what she can do if she doesn’t want to pay it: swim out and cling to a tuna-pen. It was too hard to resist.

    And Arlette – I don’t chase you around cyberspace. There are certain blogs I visit occasionally, and this is one of them. When I see an inane remark of yours, sometimes I reply and sometimes I don’t. If I wanted to chase you around on cyberspace I would be on Viva Malta, or some other crass and vulgar site that you inhabit and/or moderate – which would, I suppose, account for your language. I assume you are spending far too much time with Norman Lowell, and have begun to speak as he does. Take my advice, and stay away from nutters. They’re not great for your image.

    As a matter of interest, just how many people are there out there keeping minute track of everything I write? I think I’m the one with the cyber-stalkers.

  11. That’s right, Jacques, I’m not contradicting myself. I was against the departure tax, and I am against the departure tax now. I was merely making a suggestion to Arlette as to what she can do if she doesn’t want to pay it: swim out and cling to a tuna-pen. It was too hard to resist.

    And Arlette – I don’t chase you around cyberspace. There are certain blogs I visit occasionally, and this is one of them. When I see an inane remark of yours, sometimes I reply and sometimes I don’t. If I wanted to chase you around on cyberspace I would be on Viva Malta, or some other crass and vulgar site that you inhabit and/or moderate – which would, I suppose, account for your language. I assume you are spending far too much time with Norman Lowell, and have begun to speak as he does. Take my advice, and stay away from nutters. They’re not great for your image.

    As a matter of interest, just how many people are there out there keeping minute track of everything I write? I think I’m the one with the cyber-stalkers.

  12. Oh and Arlette, something else: as a long-time keeper of hounds I feel in duty bound to explain to you, lest you mix this one up again, that the bitch on heat is the one who gets followed, and not the one who does the following. Dogs follow bitches on heat; bitches on heat don’t follow dogs. It’s only in the human race that bitches on heat chase males. I just thought you might like to know that.

  13. Ikkalma Daphne. Qed tirrepeti l-kummenti. Kulhadd fehem li ma tantx tahmel lil arlette. Imma m’hemmx bzonn taqa’ f’dawn il-bassezzi u taghtina spjegazzjonijiet dettaljati fuq x’jaghmlu l-klieb meta jkollhom sahna. Ma taghmilx gieh lilek u lanqas lill-qarrejja ta dan il-blog.

  14. Well, Paci, I don’t know about you – but it’s kind of difficult for me to like or even to be indifferent to somebody who hangs around with Norman Lowell, hero-worships him and espouses his hideous beliefs.

  15. Daphne vs Arlette. Easy. I’m with Daphne. Which doesn’t say much for Arlette 🙂

  16. Daphne – mhux ghax jimpurtani hafna – imma sa fejn naf jien il-kumment ta Arlette kien fuq id-departure tax u ma kellu x’jaqsam xejn ma Norman Lowell. Allura ghaliex kellek izeffen lilu fin-nofs? Indunajt li kull darba li xi hadd jaghmel xi forma ta kritika lil gvern, taqbez int fin-nofs u tghajjarhom billi taghmel referenza ghall-fatturi pjuttost irrilevanti ghall-argument. Jahasra kont nammirak ghax kont tikteb bis-sens u b’mod intelligenti, imma issa ma nafx x’gara. Qisek qed tiddependi wisq fuq l-attaki personali u irrilevanti biex timla l-pagni. Issa tista taghmel li trid u sahansitra tghajjarni Laburist jew razzist jew baxx jew ma nafx xiex, imma niskanta kif mara li tant taqbez ghall-immigranti, kif inhu sewwa li jaghmel kulhadd, ghandha tant stmerrija ghal dawn il-kategoriji ta nies ( u cioe il-Laburisti/il-baxxi/etc).

  17. Paci, meta xi hadd jghid xi haga, trid tiehu l-kumment fil-kuntest ta min hi dik il-persuna. Jekk Robert Mugabe u r-Regina jaghmlu precis l-istess kumment, trid tqis dawk il-kummenti f’kuntest differenti. The medium is the message. Arlette Baldacchino hija ffissata f’Norman Lowell u l-politika tieghu, u b’hekk dahlet fil-hajja publika, bhala esponenta ta’ Lowell.

  18. Skuzani Daphne imma ma naqbilx kompletament. Huwa minnu li kif jagixxi l-persuna ghandu effett fuq il-kredibilta tieghu u kif jinqraw minn nies. Pero dan ma jfissirx li kull ma jghid/jikteb persuna ghandha titqies biss f’dan il-kuntest. Ejjew nghidu li X li hu membru ta partit razzist jghid li l-immigranti ghandhom jinghataw il-kura medika/l-ghajnuna li jridu. Allura ghandna ninterpretaw dik l-istqarrija bhala wahda ipokrita jew inveritiera? Le, ghax ikun qed jghid sewwa. Ma tistax tiggudika kull kumment skond l-idea (forsi zbaljata) li tkun iffurmajt go mohhok.
    Inti qed tghid li Arltte hi iffissata f’Norman Lowell. Jista jkun ghalkemm ma nafx kif gejt ghal din il-konkluzjoni minghajr ma tkun iffissata tara x’qed taghmel Arlette – pero xorta mhux rilevanti ghal-diskussjoni fuq id-departure tax.
    Bl-istess argument jista jigi xi hadd jghid li int iffissata fil-PN u f’Gonzi u jinjora kull kumment u artiklu li tikteb.

  19. arlette baldacchino

    paci, thanks for your support – and for your comments – which are all clear and concise.

    the problem here is that apparently i cannot express an opinion, any opinion, without it being shrouded in racist /anti immigrant connotations.

    i have never said that i am not anti immigrant – i am. however i am not racist as anyone who knows me can attest. as for the normal lowell hero worship nonsense, that’s all it is. la galizia is intent on painting me as some “lowell worshipper” and has been ranting about my associations with norman for years now. its become an obsession, albeit one of her many. granted norman is one of my friends and i’ve been seen publicly with him on various occasions. in fact i appear with him in public precisely because i have nothing to hide. i am far from “lowell obsessed” and have had public and private arguments with him several times on a variety of issues.

    i have friends from the MLP, the PN, AN, AD and practically any political organisation you can think of. i am open to debate and am not blinded by the light emanating from gonzi’s backside, nor by “the white” as some might think.

    oh and for the record, neither vivamalta nor are “crass and vulgar sites”. they are fora open to anyone who cares to express their opinion on practically anything under the sun. has been my cyberhome for about a decade and it is extremely unfair and ridiculously arrogant to label in such a manner. then again, arrogance, inconsistency and disdain for anyone/anything that is not up to and in accordance with caruana galizia standards, whatever they may be at some given point in time, has become the norm for same dcg.

    thanks for the space jacques, and apologies for going completely off topic with departure tax – which btw has shown itself even more unfair in view of monday’s price hike in fuel. price hikes take immediate effect whereas unfair taxes remain throughout the summer. flimkien kollox possibli!

  20. Daphne is wrong in her comparison. Illegals do not leave country illegally. They enter it illegally. and they have no right to.

    I do not know what this has to do with the tax.

    Dont get impressed with tuna pens, they are using it as an extension to our country.

  21. @Daphne
    Guess how the illegals end up hanging to dear life from the tuna pens? If you don’t know, ask your Arab friends in north Africa and ex-collaborators of the Nazi and Fascist pigs in World War 2.


    Dafnay always attacks the person coz that’s her hateful nature. She attacks Arlette coz she hates Arlette and it’s not coz Arlette is a racist or coz she’s Normie’s friend it’s coz Dafnay is a hateful person. She writes about Sant or Joseph coz SHE HATES THEM. One could be the biggest liar or cheater or fraud but if Dafnay likes him she won’t write anything hateful about him but if Dafnay hates St Gorge she’s gonna find something about him and write her usual hateful diatribe. Get a life Dafnay.

  23. Oh look, what jolly good fun: the and Viva Malta lunatics are out in force.

    Paci, if you read the newspapers like I do, you will know that Arlette is stuck to Norman Lowell’s hip when he goes to court, when he lays wreaths, when he speaks in public. There was even a photograph of her with the man on a British Far Right site captioned: Norman Lowell and his partner. Apparently, she did ask them to remove the caption, but I wonder where those boys got the idea?

    Vince, I see you still can’t spell my name, which isn’t surprising for a Mintoffjan pensioner who emigrated in the 1960s and didn’t bother coming back when his hero was in government. I don’t hate Arlette or anybody else for that matter, though I do think several people are ridiculous and/or dangerous. As for Arlette, I just wonder out loud how she ended up as the sort of person who has lots of time for Norman Lowell. She seemed quite normal when I knew her.

  24. Jacques, encore: stendo vn velo pietoso su qvesta discvssione.

    Comunque: meglio vn giorno da Lowell che cento da Daphne.

  25. @Daphne,
    If your heart bleeds so much for the poor souls left abandoned at the tuna pens , why dont you use your unique talents as Malta’s foremost journalist and pen a decent protest letter to Ghaddafi in the Tripolipost instead of yapping uselessly here?

  26. Now, can someone answer this question for me please? Will the departure tax on sea travel be also removed?

  27. What I find so interesting about this blog is the large number of people with chips on their shoulder gurning on the comments board. This seems to be a forum where Mr and Ms Chippy feel comfortable enough to comment, whereas they only lurk around elsewhere pretending that they’re not. It provides a very useful insight into the minds of those who believe that their alternative thinking makes them superior to the rest. So we have a fascinating mix of Anton the far-right-winger who votes Nationalist because he believes it is still the party of the 1930s, who and insists on writing in Italian using the Latin V (if you’re going to bother doing that, Anton, then use Latin in the first place, or do what the Romans did and use capital letters), Arlette the fund-raiser for Imperium Europa, who sells Norman Lowell lapel-pins, and AD groupies like Claire Bonello whose political views tend towards the opposite end of the spectrum. All seem to get along famously because they share a space on the margins of society and don’t want to be perceived – horror and shame – as being part of the middle-brow mainstream. No wonder I keep coming back for more: it’s a case study.

    Woofer: the departure tax is the departure tax; if it is lifted 0n air travel, it’s lifted on sea travel.

  28. One word about vivamalta. It is not, as Arlette professes, a forum “open to anyone who cares to express their opinion on practically anything under the sun”. I was moderated to death in the short time I spent there, and no, I did not insult anyone. I simply tried to engage in a debate, something not conducive to running a fascist forum. Perhaps, Daphne, that is why Jacques’s blog is popular. Because he tends to leave everyone free to have their say, without imposing some editorial control. (incidentally, your forum tends to attract its fair share of idiots)

  29. i meant “your blog”, and I was addressing DCG.

  30. Ergajna, bit-tghajjir, l-attakki u c-cucati. Daphne, kif tista tghid li kull minn jikkumenta hawn ghandu xi “chip on his shoulder”. Kif wasalt ghal din il-konkluzjoni? Sempliciment ghax ma jaqblux mieghek?
    Bhal Alex jien nahseb li il-blog ta Jacques hu interessanti ghax ihalli lil kulhadd jikkumenta u jhalli l-argument jizviluppa. Jekk xi hadd ikun qed jghid xi haga li ma taghmilx sens, Jacques jew xi hadd iehor jattaka l-argument. Imma inti le. Jekk xi hadd jghid xi haga li ma taqbilx maghha tibda taqlaghlu x’ghamlet in-nanna, tfakkru kemm kienet qahba ommu, tiprova twegghu billi tghajru separat, iddisprat, mignun, fidil, belghani u x’naf jien. Veru, li n-nies ihobbu jaqraw dawn it-tip ta hmieg. Mhux ghalhekk it-tabloids Inglizi jinqraw daqshekk? Imma b’daqshekk x’hadt? Tiehu s-sodisfazzjon li gibt lil xi hadd zibel u zvijajt id-diskussjoni.

  31. Daphne resorts to her usual put-downs, generalizations and sweeping statements when she feels she can’t deal with people who don’t agree with her. Nothing new there.

  32. U kemm irabbjat Daphne meta Pamela Hansen ghajritha groupie (tal-PN)!!!!!!!!!!!! F’kemm illi nghidlek kitbet ittra teqred u tippreciza li groupies huma biss dawk in-nies li jishnu ghal Mick Jagger jew xi rock star. F’dak il-kaz Daphn mhux groupie ghax Gonzi mhux rock star. Imma hlief tiehu l-kafe ma Gordon Pisani u Cachia Caruana m’ghamlitx. Imma dik spjegatulna wkoll – iltaqghet maghom ghax hi “political jouranalist” (u mhux “columnist” bhas-soltu)

  33. Erika Brincat

    “Meta xi hadd jghid xi haga, trid tiehu l-kumment fil-kuntest ta min hi dik il-persuna.”

    Well said.

    It’s also called projection.

    The mind is the movie projecting on the screen of life –

    so if a person sees everything in black and white, me so fine you so bad, Im in but you’re an outcast of society, “I am right – you are perenellially wrong and I will insult you till you feel “ASHAMED” if you think otherwise or dare to disagree”, all those who seem to disagree with me are my ‘enemies’… etc…etc…

    and tends to focus on everybody else’s negative traits but fails to see their own shortcomings…..

    don’t even realise that many of the negative traits they ‘project’ onto others actually belong to themselves

    so Arlette do yourself a favour, just brush off certain comments “like water off a duck’s wings quak quak ;)” and try not to take them personally or to heart (never easy – I know!)

    Imma ftakar li

    “Meta xi hadd jghid xi haga, trid tiehu l-kumment fil-kuntest ta min hi dik il-persuna.”

  34. You’re all just a bunch of peasants who are all jealous of Daphne because her blog is more popular than others. Half of you can’t even spell and the rest are MLP elves trying to look clever.

  35. Erika Brincat

    LOL this Miao is hilarious, tghid she’s a groupie or a sister?

  36. Din tal-“peasants” idejjaqni wisq. Parigg tal-“elves” u skoss insulti ohra. Ghalija jistghu jiktbu x-xjaten imma almenu jiktbu bis-sens. Hawnhekk qed isir tip ta diskors li ma jixraqx opinjonisti maturi bhal Daphne

  37. Prozac 20mg tds (indefinitely)

  38. Mhux ahjar Valium?

  39. “Paci // June 25, 2008 at 10:37 am

    Ergajna, bit-tghajjir, l-attakki u c-cucati. Daphne, kif tista tghid li kull minn jikkumenta hawn ghandu xi “chip on his shoulder”. Kif wasalt ghal din il-konkluzjoni?”

    Ghax tahseb li kullhadd ugly duckling bhala. Daphne , qalb tajba bhalek ghalfejn tahli zmien hawn ma partita ghajjurin u baxxi bhalna, meta tista’ tkun qeda taghmel il -gid fuq xi yacht ma tal-familja jew hbieb, tigbor dawk il-povri immigranti imwahhlin mat-tuna pens fejn hallewhom hutek tan-Nord Africa? Isa, ghatina ezempju tajjeb u mur gibhom l’hawn halli inqabbduwhom inaddfulna il-farmhouse u il- pool u inhaddmuwom fil-quarries ghac-centezmi fis-siegha f ‘isem il-Karita’.

  40. “Woofer // June 25, 2008 at 1:32 am

    If your heart bleeds so much for the poor souls left abandoned at the tuna pens , why dont you use your unique talents as Malta’s foremost journalist and pen a decent protest letter to Ghaddafi in the Tripolipost instead of yapping uselessly here?”

    Tassew. Ms. Malta-Press-Club-2008 bhal Ms Caruana Galizia imissa tidhol ghal din l’ inizjattiva.Forsi fejn ma lahhqitx id-diplomazija fuq din il-kwestjoni, tilhaq int.

  41. “Dudu // June 25, 2008 at 11:28 am
    Imma dik spjegatulna wkoll – iltaqghet maghom ghax hi “political jouranalist” (u mhux “columnist” bhas-soltu) ”

    X’jghidu tal-Press Club fuq din il-bicca xoghol?

  42. arlette baldacchino

    “You’re all just a bunch of peasants who are all jealous of Daphne because her blog is more popular than others. Half of you can’t even spell and the rest are MLP elves trying to look clever.”

    Priceless! make my day miao. you’re hilarious :))
    its been a good day really but after watching germany beat the turks then reading this comment, things just keep getting better and better.

    @ erika, thanks sweets. i don’t know you but you sound like a nice person. don’t worry too much about me taking offence – like you said, water off a duck’s back 😉

  43. Lanqas li ma drajtuhiex lil Daphne. Ilha 10 snin teqred fuq Sant (b’xi break l’hemm u l’hawn biex tehodha kontra l-Knisja, r-razzisti u n-nisa iktar intelligenti minnha). Issa intefghet tattakka lil Joseph. Imma jekk taghmilha xi kritika holl xaghrek u gib iz-zejt. L-istess jekk tikkritika lil min tat l-uno (JPO) jew lit-tfal taghha. Issa dan l-ahhar qed taghmilha tal-martri u tghini u teqred ghax is-Super One hadu u wrew xi filmati ta t-tifel taghha jghidilhom, “Fuck off”. Taqra dak li tghid timmagina li ttorturaw xi tifel ta 8 snin, meta kull ma ghamlu hu li ffilmjaw ragel (ghax ghandu iktar minn 18 ghax jista jsuq) jitghajjar u jghid il-pastazati f’post pubbliku. Jekk ma ried lil hadd jarah jew jisimghu missu qaghad id-dar u jghajjat “Fuck off” kemm irid, imma mhux imur f’post pubbliku, joqghod jitpaztaz u imbaghad jimmagina li hadd ma jaghti kazu, jew jippretendi li hu xi eroj jidefendi lil mami. Kif qalet seww ommu f’artklu li kitbet xi 10 snin ilu – ghandek igib ruhek seww halli hadd ma jista jghid bik – dan id-dikors kien qalulha missierha Michael Vella . It-tifel ta Daphne missu semma minn nannuh

  44. My god, you people have one hell of a lot of problems, chips and hang-ups. What is this – a meeting of Inferiority Complex Anonymous? Do you all have very unsatisfactory lives or what? Are you short, fat, single, ugly, stupid, hard-up, a mix of several or the lot? Take Anton-the-fascist’s Prozac. It might help. It sounds like there isn’t one of you here who has what you wanted from life. Marelli.

  45. Does the Informa database at the PN HQ have details on doctor’s prescriptions as well?

  46. U hallina Daphne. Ma nafx lil bloggers u kummentaturi kollha imma zgur li mhux kollha hoxnin u koroh u jekk hemm xi hadd bic-chips, zgur li ma jiekolx daqshekk – dawk il-boroz shah mill A1 bar. U billi jghid xi cajta Anton m’hemmx bzonn tarma tghajru. Mhux ha taghmel bhal dak l-edukat ta ibnek u tghidlu “Fuck off” hux? U l-Prozac ghaddihom lil JPO – nahseb ghandu bzonnhom iktar hu. Marelli

  47. Sully jahasra taqax ghat-tghajjir u attakki personali. Illi nsostni li ma jaghmlu gih lil hadd dawn it-tip ta kummenti. Qed naqta qalbi li hemm xi hadd li jrid jiddiskuti u mhux jitghajjar…

  48. Paci, jien nemmen li kif taghmel jaghmlulek. U jekk gejja mara qisha balena tghajjar lil kulhadd ohxon u nevrotiku, jien ghandi kull dritt nfakkarha li hi mhux xi xbiha ta sbuhija u ta kuntentezza. U jekk din il-mara b’sura ta trakk bedford ha tkompli tghid li hawnhekk hawn biss nies b’lanzita, inrid nghid li dwejjaq u ghira ghandha biex tbiegh u jidhru mill-kitbiet taghha. Issa jekk ha tinfaqa tibki ghax qed nghidu hekk fuq “repetitive loop” tista tghid lit-tiffel taghha jghli “Fuck off”. Marelli

  49. arlette baldacchino

    Sully, naqbel ma dak li qal Paci.

    meta “taghmel kif jghamlulek” tkun qed taqa ghal livell taghhom. attakka l-argument mhux il-persuna. u jekk thoss li dik il-persuna attakkat lilek personali, u thoss li ghandek tirribatti, ta l-inqas attakka lil persuna u m’hemmx ghalfejn iddahhal tfal u familjari.

    fl-ahhar mill ahhar, hawn kulhadd jew faxxist, jew razzist, jew nevresteniku, jew iddisprat, jew qasir, ohxon, ikrah ….. insomma kieku kellna niehdu ghalina nistghu niltaqghu lkoll u nigru girja lejn l-gholjiet ta’ had-dingli!

    naturalment, kollha hlief certu wahda jew tnejn. dawk kuntenti b’kollox 😉

  50. Arlette, jien m’ghajjartx lil familjari ta Daphne. Semmejt dak li qal it-tifel taghha (li mhix xi haga kbira imma hsibt li nies edukati bhal ma tippretendi li hi Daphne ma jghidux “Fuck off” imma xi haga innokwa bhal “marelli mhur l’hemm ja peasant Mintoffjan”. U billi nikkwota l-artklu fejn qalet x’kien qalilha missierha Michael Vella m’ghamilt xejn hazin – anzi ghidt li Daphne u t-tifel imisshom jisimghu minnu. Wara kollox hi stess qalet li hi “daddy’s girl” f’xi artiklu iehor. U jekk dan ifisser li jien qasir u ohxon u ikrah, xorta dik hi l-verita. Marellli

  51. Dik l-ambulanza ghal min Anton? Ghal Daphne ghax qabadha xi infection taghmila ma hafna peasants? Jew ghax waqghet f’xi borma zejt bic-chips (li waqghu mis-spallejn tal-peasants?Jew mimlija bi stokk Prozac halli tkun tista tisapporti tghix fuq l-istess gzira maghna? Ghax jahasra veru Kalvarju ghaliha ikollha toqghod l-istess post. Imn’Alla hi kolta u pulita u ma tghidlnix “Fuck off” (dak jghidu binha). Marelli


    Dafnay aka Daphne aka Pinocchia, I’m not a pensioner YET but when I become one I’ll be so happy knowing your taxes are contributing towards my booze bill. THAT will start in Sept. of this year. I’ll thank you beforehand.
    Dafnay, did you honestly think that this hamallu can’t spell your name??

    Like I told you before…you’re gonna be known as the most HATED and the most HATEFUL woman that ever lived in Malta……and you and your family will regret it.

  53. X’sar min defni u siblings? Qedin fuq xi boat fil mediterran idewwu l’ immigranti irregolari li il blood-brothers taghha kortezement qed jibghatulna ta’ kulljum? Jew forsi qed jikkunslaw lil xulxin fuq il-kaz Mistra/MEPA /JPO u il-kaz DA/JoS.

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