E-democracy: A survey

A friend of mine (Peter Gingell) is currently preparing his Master’s dissertation which has the following title: “Electing an e-democracy: An exploratory study into the relationship between voters and e-campaigning in the 2008 Malta General Elections”. Part of the research of the dissertation involves a survey and Peter has posted an online questionnaire. The link to the questionnaire is found here – for those who prefer good old cut and paste it is this: http://www.sagisart.info/survey/.

If you can spare five minutes help Peter gather more info for the dissertation by filling the survey.


And while we are on e-democracy, those of you who have not done it yet might do well to consider joining the Facebook group “Malta deserves a better electoral system“. The group might be soon coming up with a campaign though it is still in the discussion phase. Thumbs up to Joseph Gilson for the initiative.


and from other blogs in the J’accuse Universe:

Gakbu Sfigo is back with more ranting in the language of Vassalli on Il Bollettino


Musical Tips as another Laughing Lute has been added to The Laughing Fit (incidentally a song from the album mentioned in the latest post can be seen and heard on the vodpod widget in j’accuse (On My Shoulders))

who said blogging isn’t fun?


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