Luxemburgensia (7): Greens on Hunting

From the Station Network News:

Qualified support for Hunting Law
The Mouvement Écologique and the Luxembourg Nature Association have welcomed the proposed new hunting law, with some reservations, in a press conference called yesterday.

They called foe a clearer definition of “sustainable hunting” and that populations of other wild species should not be jeopardised. They also asked that the new law includes categories of species allowed to be hunted, and that it specifically prohibits the hunting of domestic animals.

Also, while feeding of wild animals is to be prohibited, some feeding is to be allowed. The groups called for more clarification in this area.

And all hunters should prove their shooting accuracy every three years.

I love the last line. A classic addendum. Almost an afterthought. Not to mention the weird request that the greenies are requesting that the law should include a specific prohibition of the hunting of domestic animals. Affarijiet tal-Belgju Lussemburgu!


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