Errata Corrige – When Love and Lust Collide

I’m at Frankfurt International Airport. More precisely at Gate A5 (real photo taken by yours truly – the wonders of technology). Time is 18.40 and there are still two hours to go before the flight home for Luxembourg. I landed in grey, gloomy Frankfurt at around 1700 hours. I’ve had a meal of pork and sauerkraut – with the guilty thought that this is the food of “home”. Been through some shops here but not very inspired right now – and still a little hungover from yesterday’s wedding – which was brilliant incidentally.

Anyways. I just thought that I’d let the select few who read my article in the Independent on Sunday know that this week’s article carries a humungous error in the title.

Someone at the Indy decided to change the original title which was “Love Labour’s Lost” to a different one: “Love Labour’s Lust”. A sexiet title, no doubt about it, but not the one I intended. I was more interested in having a play on the words of the title of Shakespeare’s play with the shifting of an “s” and “apostrophe”. I am told by Noel Grima that next week’s article will carry a correction – for which I am already grateful. In the meantime no great harm done – but I thought I’d let you know.


3 responses to “Errata Corrige – When Love and Lust Collide

  1. I spotted another one: “the proof of the pie is in the eating”. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, Fausto – I’d spotted that one too. I’m amazed really, considering how often Alfred Sant and Joseph Muscat claim that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Perhaps Jacques doesn’t pay enough attention.

  3. Always had a problem with that one… an affinity to pies maybe… or a case of mixed expressions, or even a result of the fact that being allergic to both it don’t make much difference. Thanks Fausto… and Daphne… attention to that sort of detail? Nah… not really… you’re right on that too.

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