Holiday Hiatus – More about Joseph

It’s a weird curse that afflicts me when in Malta. I find less time to blog daily – in fact I don’t -even though there is much to blog about. The blogosphere is currently dominated by vitriol as Joseph Muscat is quick morphing into a new target for the Automaton followers of the nationalist spin. I criticised the critics, not because the man should not answer for his past actions and positions, not because I am not slightly sceptical and not easily induced to believe that JM has had a Damascene revelation, nor because I do not find fault with the man’s choice of style in his first seven days. None of that.

I criticised the critics because in their eagerness to sweep all under the same category they ignore the babysteps, the little changes. They ignore the fact that no messiah will change a blinkered crowd overnight. They ignore the fact that you still need to speak to certain segments of the population in Duin Gorg Preca style parables – its a corny way to begin to face change but no one said it will all be hunky dory. JM is light years away from winning outsiders from outside the Labour fold and his Jesus-like statements of love, peace and understanding (cue Hon. Sigmund Bonello and his age of aquarius – nice one Sig) will only cause noses to twist in mistrust. The critics ignore basic baby steps of change though because they sit comfortably ensconced in a Platonic cave of their own – wildly speculating about the shadows caused by the sun coming from the great outside. It’s just the same, but different. Nationalist diehards preprogramming themselves to hate JM because he wears a goatee, appeals to social losers (at least according to some) and has a track record of making the wrong choices.

Baby steps are there to see. For change. A slow one. Unfortunately, as I wrote elsewhere the delagates have chosen the slow track to change. The one that will shy away from direct confrontation with the old and worries when old frogs like Debono Grech throw a tantrum. Labour will hopefully move out of messianic mode soon when JM’s own honeymoon is over. If he only listens as much as he has been listening until now there is promise. Itg is not all doom and gloom. The spinning non-spinsters are wrong. Sniping at JM, at the labourites who have found hope and at the fictitous social categories of losers who supposedly are charmed by the young turk at the helm is only an extension of old politics.

The language of attack and mud slinging has never won any non-affiliated voters over to PN. The last election was not won by PN by winning them back. While Joseph has moved inches in the right direction, PN sympathisers seem all intent to commiting hara-kiri and shooting their party kilometers back in the wrong direction.

And I’m not happy about that either.

* Picture: The ladies hit the shower after the latest mud-slinging battle by the “Real Ladies Don’t Like Joseph” movement.


19 responses to “Holiday Hiatus – More about Joseph

  1. Love Generation – a poem in Maltese and English dedicated to my fellow country men and women

    Jahasra huti Maltin u Ghawdxin

    Kif intom imqabbdin ma xulxin

    Hallikom mill-class prejudice u mill-education

    Forget your hang-ups and frustration

    (Daphne, Bocca please take note)

    Ara Dawn Ukoll!

    Tinkwetawx, chill out, relax
    Dan hu Stagun Politiku Gdid
    Tama, Imhabba, Risq u Gid
    Join the Love Generation
    Feel the Sigmund Vibration


    Ghax ghandna lil Sigmund maghna
    Ahna maghqudin

    Ghax ghandna lil Sigmund maghna

    Ahna maghqudin

    U maghqudin

    Ghax ghandna lil Sigmund magh-a-na

    Ahna maghqudin

  2. fabrizioellul


  3. The blog post “Holiday Hiatus – More about Joseph” is featured on Maltamedia: The Maltese Blogosphere

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  4. danny attard

    Love the read. Have nothing to add.

  5. The people who are bitching about Joseph Muscat sound like Nationist versions of Manwel Cuschieri and deserve to be considered in exactly the same way.

  6. Dear Contributor,

    Please visit Labourinlabour as soon as you can. A fresh editorial European social democrats elect three young leaders has been published. It focuses on the election of three young leaders, who PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen says “will take the social democratic parties into the future”.

    Come tell us what you think.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    Jennifer Galea
    The Caretaker for

  7. Jennifer Galea’s contribution to every blog on the island is similar to Sandro Vella’s stunt of putting everybody’s choice from the menu of yesterday’s meeting!

  8. It looks like somebody’s switched allegiance from Harry to Joey

  9. It would “look” like that to someone who is used to “looking” through specific glasses. Of course it is inconceivable for that same person to imagine that the only allegiance one may have is to bettering Maltese politics. There never was an allegiance to Harry, there was a respect for someone engaged in the deeper side of politics battling the MLPN tide. There never will be an allegiance to Joey or Lorry for that matter – there is a respect for whatever goodwill they may have towards improving the country. As a citizen, and a free thinking one, I evaluate what each politician has to offer and am willing to weigh their promises against their actions without any preconceptions.

    Most importantly I will not be swayed by another person’s prejudices, be it my mother, my sister or my best friend. Try shedding the specs and forgetting “allegiance” for a second… it might do you a world of good. Then again that is only my advice and you are free to infer or imply whatever you want, I will not hold it against you.

  10. It’s useless to explain how “siding” with a party as if it were a football team is wrong to someone who thinks floating voters are numbnuts. It is a waste of time especially when the person you’re talking to is a liberal who “sides” with the ultra-conservative party and puts down liberal parties.

  11. fabrizioellul

    Yep, everyone is a ‘liberal’ nowadays. Even my grandma is very liberal with her ‘minestra’; she puts a little bit of everything into it.

  12. Matthew Aquilina

    Keith, does that make Daphne a Jesus-freak or shall I say Christian Hypocrite?

  13. Miaow! you write in the same way that Amanda Mallia (Daphne’s sister) does. Are you one and the same? Does this explain your comments? Do you have the PN maduma branded on your forehead? Do you expect everyone to have a similar brand stamped on his forehead or behind. More importantly do you expect everybody to talk from his arse like you do?

  14. The irony of it all escapes you doesn’t it Marisa? An anonymous comment, attacking the person and not the idea and use of base language. Whatever makes you think that you are any better than the person you are attacking?

    Anonimity, as usual, turns out to be a useful expedient for the ignorant to express themselves – plus ca change.

  15. Why don’t you ban all anonymous comments then?

  16. Because I like to think that people are decent enough to moderate themselves – and because I also find that the anonymous idiot generally shoots himself in the foot with his own argument – so no need to worry about that much.

  17. arlette baldacchino

    @ jennifer galea

    any particular reason why you chose “labour in labour” for a title? it sounds strange, almost like labour are in labour and are about to pop, or give birth to something/someone pretty soon. might as well have called it “labour + bun in oven”. it might be a labour of love, or even voluntary labour or whatever, but labour in labour?

    dunno, but to me it sounds like damn sheer hard work! good luck with your labour blog, during labour and post natal 😉

  18. I think the idea was that after Fredu resigned we were witnessing the rebirth of Labour.

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