Runoff Billboard

I know the leadership runoff is on. I running on a tight schedule so cannot afford a minute by minute commentary like yesterday night. Will be checking on the news every now and then. Please feel free to use J’accuse as your billboard if you have anything to say. Comment, as usual, is free.

Back from the airport where I went to check-in my suitcase for tomorrow’s early flight. Incidentally the new airport at Findel is luxury. Just made it to hear the count result. Abela George 291, Muscat Joseph 591. Joseph Muscat is the new leader.

No comments for now (for no other reason that I have a party to go to) except for a rumour which made its way to Luxembourg. Joe Debono Grech is rumbling and unhappy. I don’t see that as bad news… then again it’s just a rumour.


One response to “Runoff Billboard

  1. Yesterday we were making fun of the golden chocker, kitsch brown shirts and all the rest … but now i’m having a look at the menu you guys are proposing for your dinner … geeeez … bil- / bla fenek; laham taz-ziemel; laham normali… and something tells me that, at least originally, the idea was just that.

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