It’s the Final Countdown

OK. Ten minutes to the midnight hour. The votes are being counted. Right now they finished counting Abela’s. Streaming freezes on table two.

49 12 31 16 12 26 21 – 167 if I am not mistaken. I might have missed a table. If not, Labour might have missed out on Abela as leader. (I was mistaken. Abela had 200 not 167 – damn streaming)

Fek sticks his neck out – Joseph Muscat to be elected leader tonight he says (or she). There are 200 votes for Abela. I missed a table. That leaves 674 votes between four. Evarist Bartolo is next. Joseph Muscat needs 437 out of these 674. With Bartolo, Coleiro and Falzon’s votes counted before his there must be at least a total of 238 votes between the four to force a second round. Too much to hope for?

Evarist Bartolo gets 32 votes. Will Falzon and Coleiro garner 206? Seems highly unlikely. I’m beginning to think that Fek is right. Coleiro votes are being counted as we speak. My guess is that if she does not get at least 70 it is all over.

First Impressions

I’ll stick my neck out and imagine a Joseph Muscat victory. Once again the delegates stick two fingers in the direction of wider public opinion. Has the “we will not be told who to vote for” mentality prevailed? Are the people wrong and the delegates right? The track record of the delegates leaves much to be desired. That means that those pinning their hopes on a Labour radical revolution will be praying that there is more to Joseph Muscat than a candid smile and a diploma.

Still Counting

Need more specific comments than “That’s it”. Coleiro vote about to be announced. Obviously stream froze. Anyone with the number? Michael Falzon has got 180. The question is did Coleiro get the 26 votes? In any case Falzon will be facing Abela in a run-off if Coleiro got 26 or more votes. There’s a rumble of change there – the delegates were not so fixed on Muscat then. If calculations coming in are right then Coleiro must have got 26 votes… will anyone tell me? That means that Muscat has 50% but not 50% plus one. That elusive 50% +1 all over again.

It should be definite. Joseph Muscat has half the delegate’s votes. But it is not enough. He needed two more votes to go through. Barring surprises a run off will be held tomorrow. Abela – Muscat.

OK Confusion time over.

Run-off tomorrow – George Abela vs Joseph Muscat. Muscat misses out by 2 votes from getting the necessary quota of 438. New post with analysis coming up.


Abela 200

Bartolo 32

Coleiro 26

Falzon 180 181

Muscat 436 435


27 responses to “It’s the Final Countdown

  1. stream is not freezing. abela got something between 150 – 250 i think.

  2. Joseph to be elected leader tonight.

  3. abela 200 votes
    438 kwota

    638 (abela + muscat’s kwota)
    leaving: 240 between the rest.
    yes. big chance for muscat to be leader tonight.

  4. That’s it. Joseph leader.

  5. Falzon Michael 180

  6. JM is 2 votes short from getting a 50% + 1 according to my calcs!

  7. According to mine as well.

  8. I think he is one vote away not 2, one

  9. NO NO NO. Muscat leader.

  10. coleiro got 26 votes exactly

  11. I think its 2 since the “quota” is (874/2)+1=438. According to my calcs he will get 436

  12. Abela got 200, j’accuse.

  13. whyNO NO NO fek?

  14. Was using a wrong abela count. sorry guys. joseph won’t make it for two votes.

  15. abela got 200

  16. run off: muscat / abela. not muscat / falzon.

  17. Coleiro got 26 votes guys yea

  18. now this is interesting…since JM’s vote is so close to the quota, will GA retire from the race? Can he do that? I remember John Dalli doing something similar when Gonzi was elected.

  19. it would be silly for GA to go for another election tomorrow. its clear who the delegates want. parties get what their delegates deserve.

  20. Following this from London. Why is the times online not being updated? or malastar? Thank heavens for your site, Jacques!

  21. It’s actually amazing how well Falzon did, considering he was one of the leadership, and how much blame was put on him by the report.

  22. Thumbs up, J’Accuse. Sei tu la nostra bandiera!

  23. 435 joseph


  25. 435 Votes Joseph

  26. missing vote.

  27. Actually MF has been revised to 181

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