Non Sequitur no.83

Alien Landings

from the Times (06.43 a.m):
US spacecraft lands safely at Mars north pole
A small science probe blazed through the salmon-colored skies of Mars last night, touching down on a frozen desert at the planet’s north pole to search for water and assess conditions for sustaining life, NASA officials said.

The spacecraft, known as Phoenix, landed at 1 a.m. (Malta time) after a do-or-die plunge through the planet’s thin atmosphere and thruster-jet landing to the Mars surface. It marked the first time that a spacecraft had successfully landed at one of the planet’s polar regions.

“It was a hell of a lot scarier than the two Mars rovers,” NASA’s space sciences chief Ed Weiler said, referring to the cushioned landings of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. “I kept thinking, ‘I wish I had airbags.'”

Pulled by Mars’ gravity, Phoenix was tearing along at 12,700 mph (20,400 kph) before it entered the atmosphere, which slowed the craft so it could pop out a parachute and fire thruster rockets to gently float to the ground. “It’s down, baby, it’s down!,” yelled a NASA flight controller, looking at signals from Mars showing that Phoenix had landed.

from the Times (07.31 a.m):
Migrants land at Golden Bay
A boat carrying 27 illegal immigrants sailed into Golden Bay this morning. The police said it carried 21 men and six women. The boat was reported at about 3.20 a.m. Another three boats arrived last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


7 responses to “Non Sequitur no.83

  1. Well done NASA.

    Flimkien kollox possibli(!)

  2. What’s so wow about this Mars landing? We saw pictures when they landed that rover a few years ago and by jove the pictures look exactly the same. Millions of dollars up in smoke.

  3. It is obvious that musmar is not a scientific person and is not aware of the purpose of the mission……….

  4. @Anton

    What? Extraordinary rendition?

  5. @FM


  6. @musmar

    What’s so wow indeed. Don’t we all know that Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars? I was expecting photos of the Man Producing Machine.

    As for explaining for the purpose of this non sequitur… I can’t. In the spirit of the Non Sequiturs I can only reply… if you don’t get it then you can’t afford to.

  7. @Anton
    The purpose of this mission is to look for ice and/or water on the polar cap.

    Still I don’t get it or rather I don’t afford to.

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