That’s 51. In two days. Just in case you missed the news. And while we are it, what exactly does “undue physical treatment” mean? That phrase would be equally fitting to describe a prostitute who performs one or two extra jobs on the client without billing him for these extras. Talk about convenient euphemisms.

J’addenda: If you have no idea what all this is about then just get back to work and don’t worry. (il)legal Immigration and (il)legal detention are other people’s problems.


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  1. Dearest Jacques,

    Please visit Labourinlabour as soon as you can. Mawzu, the old rat, has spoken again. Come tell us what you think.

    The Caretaker for

  2. danny attard

    You hit the nail on its head…i think we do have a problem… extent unknown… yet tail very visible…is it that of a lizard or elephant? is there cross-party awarness/political will to investigate/correct…Dr. Gulia did speak out yet his words have been met with all-round silence. We may be past nipping it-at-the-bud stage…

  3. It is high time that this issue is dealt with in a definitive manner.

    You waste your time discussing relative majorities, change in electoral laws e cazzate varie while our country is being raped and humiliated by these continuous, organised and planned waves of undesired arrivals.

    It is a question of priorities. The priority at the moment is to save our nation from cultural and spiritiual decadence. It is the very livelihood of Malta which is at stake here.

    We are being cornered, threatened and bullied by our European colleagues (from the left side of the spectrum obviously).

    Well, we should respond in the same manner that every cornered, fierce, wounded animal would.

    Our ONLY obligation is towards the Maltese nation, its citizens and its forefathers who shed their blood for this country. The present policymakers should keep this in mind – they will be held accountable when in the near future we will be faced with unsurmountable cultural, health and security problems.

    Enough is enough. We cannot persist in this christian welcoming attitude of ours. Burden sharing is just a loser’s way of solving the problem. For some inspiration we just have to look north, yes again, Italy should be the source of our inspiration. Finally, the Italian government has decided to take heed of the pleas of its people. Thanks to Umberto Bossi, a crackdown on illegal immigration is in full fledge despite the constant interference by the EU. That’s a start, a promising one I must add, light at the end of the tunnel.

    Let’s act swiftly before it’s too late.

  4. danny attard

    Anton, do we agree that the state of affairs is as nebulous and confused as are the possible solutions to the quandary? We need to have some kind of national consensus as to how we should move forward…we seem to be happy for them to build and plaster our buildings and sweep clean our streets, be available for hire at a few euros per day, now even to become a benchmark for what ‘lesser’ Maltese Nationals should earn…is it just a matter of the ‘left’ providing some kind of protection, or is it also a matter of the ‘right’ seeing in them a comfortable economic component that keeps wage inflation under check making us more ‘competitive’ in a globalised market. The state of affairs now leads to an ‘undue physical treatment’ issue. We do not seem to care. Yet how will our attitude change when this developing culture will similarly cascade onto Maltese Nationals as did the wage benchmark? A tail is showing even in this regard. Do we want the cake and eat it? Economic (il)legal migrants yes all others no? Gazing upon the behavior of human nature even pre pyramids may suggest a yes answer. Rhetoric will, on the other hand, bore us with political correctness; sustainable humanity (gosh what does that mean 🙂 may remain an unreachable ideal…heavy stuff indeed, so look at Malta’s debating platform. This week it is all about who will win the eurovision, next week all about who will win the labourvision while the Spiru Sant (God bless his soul) solution will be thrown at the thorny issues 🙂 We have a SS for divorce, immigration, now democracy too. happy weekend

  5. danny attard

    Anton, you may find this ‘interesting’ :

    Questioned at length about the validity of a series of appointments that he has made since his election, Mr (Boris) Johnson (new London Mayor) resorted to speaking in Latin. “Speak English,” shouted his opponents.

  6. danny attard

    ps. Boris Johnson extract taken from the (london) Times 21/05

  7. Danny, I agree that national consensus must be reached in order the settle this issue once and for all. For once our politicians must take a common, intransigent stand – its a do-or-die issue. They preach democracy every day, yet they fail to realise that the vast majority of the populace is demanding and expecting an immediate solution.

    The Maltese people might be ignorant but are certainly not stupid. Just like me, they know what happened to other European countries who failed to tackle the immigration issue. They can see that once-great nations like France, Holland, Germany, Britain have perished and succumbed to their ‘invaders`. Their citizens have become foreigners in their own land and yet they cannot express their frustration because they are now in a minority and also becuase a few influential fellow citizen-traitors would immediately accuse them of being racist. They would be nailed, humiliated, arrested and deprived of their families if they dared utter their discontent. Enoch Powell’s words in his “rivers of blood” speech are still echoing in my head…………..

    I agree their is no easy solution to this problem. But the moment of truth has arrived. We know that we are fighting an internal enemy, a cancer that is ruthlessly eating us up. We know that the EU has in the past taken tough stands against democratically-elected governments (Haider is a case in point) and pressured nations until the popular will was reversed to suite the socialist EU regime.

    Our decisions would probably attract fierce international criticism but if we stand united we WILL prevail. We will serve as a catalyst, an inspiration to other European nations, just like Italy is today.

  8. arlette baldacchino

    i agree with both anton and danny on practically everything they’ve written. actually i’ve been writing much the same for years now but all its gotten me is a nice big “racist” label – but never mind.

    what i disagree with is your reasoning that the proponents of immigration and multiculturalism are “from the left side of the spectrum”. what exactly is the “left” in malta? who are the left? there is no left and right. the 2 main political parties are merely 2 sides of the same coin. if they aren’t wearing a torca / maduma badge, you wouldn’t know who they’re speaking for and on behalf of!

    let’s face it: the only people who want illegal immigrants in malta are those who benefit from their misery. its those who employ them as cheap labour; those who obtain EU funds to “care for them”.

    this is not a matter of left and right, its a matter of capitalism, pure and simple.

    then again there are of course those who think they’re too far removed in their ivory towers to actually feel and touch the effects of multiculturalism. but even for those, the days are numbered for not only do the unwelcome visitors land on our shore with alarming alacrity, those already here outbreed the maltese 10 to 1. so basically whether you live in marsa or madliena, its merely a matter of time.

    roll out the red carpet for the alter-tourist season is here.

  9. arlette baldacchino

    ermm…… jacques, why is there a picture of me near my post? i don’t recall putting my pic anywhere on any blog. heck i dont even have a pic on my 2 regular fora! *confused*

  10. There is indeed a pic. Which is not my doing. I guess you must have a wordpress/openID account with associated photo and once you sign in or give your email it is associated with the comment. Big brother’s been seeing you.

  11. arlette baldacchino

    morning jacques 🙂
    indeed big bro is watching me. i’ll check gravatar maybe its the dive email that’s automatically adding my pic.

    thanks and have an easy sunday.

  12. What is worrying is that a future MLP leader in comments in the Times today, thinks that detention of these indivisuals arriving on our shores without valid documentation, is an affront to THEIR dignity and human rights. In other EU countries, measures are taken to toughen up the stand against illegal immigration swamping their own countries for the sake of safeguarding the national interests.

  13. Arlette, Pixies’s post is my answer to your doubts on the perpetrators of this act of high treason.

  14. arlette baldacchino

    anton, pixie is right is criticizing certain mlp leadership contenders for their pro immigrant stance, however afaik, the PN has not done much about illegal immigration during the past years.

    as a cyberfriend says, frontex sounds more like a company that produces mens knickers rather than some “front” to stop immigrants entering malta – and about as efficient as a pair of y fronts too.

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