What Women Want

I still have no idea about that so apologies for the deceptive title. What I do know is what cats want. More particularly my cat. Here’s a list of Xitan’s favourite items.

Normal Consumables

1.Tomatoes and Cheese (any pasta sauce leftovers)

2. Gbejniet (any version of the gozitan cheese – yes even pepper)

3. Salmon (in the pan left to cook skin side)

4. Viennetta (she adores this one)

5. Anything Cheese (I’m sure she has a mouse ancestor)

From the Parc

1. Mice – tiny field mice of course preferably left alive to play with first.

2. Birds – any size goes – even birds almost her size

3. Toads – yep. but not really to eat. to play with. once they are dead… they’re Jacques’ business.

There would be more but this is a good summary. I’ve left out the obvious daily fare of croquettes and meat in sauce – though she does seem to prefer Whiskas and Sheba. If you really want to please Xitan there’s nothing better than the brush made of metal running down her back… purrrfect.


4 responses to “What Women Want

  1. Your list is hilarious – Jenny (who will be one year old in the summer) will only eat meaty things, she goes mad for ham but eschews sausage (maybe because she can smell what went into it, urgh).

    Fuzzball, the 8-week-old kitten we’ve had less than a week, slobbered all over a piece of mozzarella yesterday but then didn’t actually eat it. So neither of them are into cheese but to be fair Fuzz will try to nom anything – he was chewing up my mechanics notes just now.

    Tell you what they both REALLY like – to cuddle up to any available warm bodies *grin*

    (P.S. clever man for not writing about the title, but I’m sure the lovely Mel could give you some ideas. Michael knows that chocolate and icecream is a pretty good starting place)

  2. Careful with the Viennetta and anything sweet. Sugar is addictive to animals … human and non-human.

  3. Technically dairy products shouldn’t do cats any good, even though they love them.

  4. Don’t worry guys… she only gets Viennetta on a rare occasion. And normally it’s just the right to lick leftovers that cannot be scooped. As for dairy products… well… her name is Xitan… and as we all know… ix-Xitan m’ghandux halib… so she deserves her little share every once in a while.

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