Rigetta per lo Scudetto

And this is why you have to be crazy to be a genuine football supporter. The Campionato comes to an end today and it’s down to two teams. Paper Scudetto versus the Ones Who Think They Should Win It Every Year. To make matters even more interesting they both face teams that need to win to avoid the drop. The problems begin when you support a rival team that has won a record number of Scudetti that no other team can dream of – no matter how many conspiracy theories they concoct.

Twisted reasoning leads me to hope that Rigetta win the scudetto. It’s charity at work. They would be winning their third. Inter have done a good business of setting themselves up as objects of hate and slipping on the last day would add to their karma of eternal last minute losers. So today it’s forza Parma and not so forza Catania. On the Champions’ league front Juve supporters are destined to back i Viola (ironically enough) in the hope that Milan’s interfering tactics in the mercato are dealt a severe blow by their failure to qualify for the Champion’s League. Expect Galliani to state that the UEFA cup is the most prestigious trophy to win in 2008/9.

I’m running out of fingers to cross here but there is one final matter that will keep me watching until the last minute. Marco Borriello remains the last threat in the Capocannoniere list. Here’s to hoping that the Atalanta defence neutralise the attacker thus allowing Del Piero to win the coveted prize with his 21 goals and Trezeguet to keep his runner-up spot. 41 goals between the two of them – scudetto material? Next year perhaps.

What were they thinking?

Tinkerman Ranieri pulled Del Piero off the match at the 70th minute yesterday. Pinturicchio got a standing ovation from Juve and Doria fans (applauses to the Doriani) but Ranieri could have left a highly motivated Del Piero for the last stroll. Instead Del Piero had to suffer the outstanding play of his direct competitor for a place in the nazionale (Cassano – El Pibe de Bari) from the changing room TV. Ranieri also failed to allow Alessandro Birindelli his last few minutes of glory in the black and white shirt after 11 years of splendid service.

Ranieri’s was an ugly slip (or two) but we have become accustomed to that idiot at the head of the French national team. Raymond Domenech persists in not calling up Trezegol for the French National team for the Euo finals. Trezeguet has not been named in the provisional 30-man squad and there are not signs that there will be a rethink. Bloody stupid if you ask me. I hope that France gets eliminated in the first round. Let’s see if Donadoni has reserved a similar surprise for the scorer of 21 goals in the world’s most defensive minded league.


3 responses to “Rigetta per lo Scudetto

  1. danny attard

    ‘a record number of Scudetti that no other team can dream of’ is possibly not a reliable measure in itself. It is the scudetti ratio to Champions Cup that may be nearer the mark. I mean take juve’s ratio; must be something in the vicinity of Floriana or Sliema Wanderers 🙂

  2. I shall refrain from replying to danny’s comment………risk being banned for eternity from the internet world.

  3. danny attard

    i’m only joking of course Anton. The Italian league is one of the leading football arenas and Juventus are the special ones … the Real Madrid’s Man Utds of this world; their support spreading way beyond the confines of Torino, Madrid, Manchester into so many cosy kitchens bedrooms and hearts. Would have loved to see Roma win a scudetto if anything for the sake of Roman taxi drivers whose football frustration/fatalistic attitude lives uncomfortably in my psyche.

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