The Expanding of the J’accuse Library


A trip to England is not complete without a visit to major bookshops as well as visits to the various Oxfam/Heart Foundation shops selling second-hand books. The choice in Luxembourg is not exactly enough to quench my thirst and choosing books on Amazon and the like is not the same as browsing lazily through the different shelves in a bookstore. WHSmith’s, Waterstones and even Woolworths were duly raided and since I was travelling by car there was no weight limit – hence the book bonanza.

I don’t usually go for those lists that do the rounds on blogs (even though I did try my hand at one of them what seems like ages ago). This post will be an exception to the rule. Here’s a list of the purchases in all its splendour (and in no particular order):

  • Heart Shaped Box – Joe Hill (added to a pile due to Buy 1 get 1 half price offer)
  • The Rough Guide to England (finally got down to buying this one)
  • The English Year – Steve Roud (A month by month guide to the nation’s customs)
  • Fidel Castro, My Life – with Ignacio Ramonet
  • The Architecture of Happiness – Alain de Botton (after Status Anxiety this guy remains a safe buy)
  • Tossers and Arseblowers – J.R. Daescher (an alternative romp through Europe)
  • The Utterly Impartial History of Britain – John O’Farrell (comic runthrough of Brit history)
  • The Magus – John Fowles (needed to buy an untattered copy to read)
  • Affluenza – Oliver James (a study of keeping-up-with-the-joneses)
  • Persian Fire – Tom Holland (Persia vs Athens and Sparta)
  • Rubicon – Tom Holland (triumph and tragedy of the roman republic)
  • Quirkology – Richard Wiseman (the study of quirkology explained and demonstrated)
  • The Pedant’s Return – Andrea Barham (a factoid book)
  • Five on Kirrin Island Again – Enid Blyton (1956 hardback)
  • Posh – Michael Quinn (fascinating stories we tell about the words we use)
  • 50 philosophy ideas – Ben Dupré (the title says it all)

That’s just about it I think. I also bought the board game Balderdash… a good laugh for a good evening.

Once we are on book lists here are a few I bought while in Sardegna:

  • La Luna di Carta – Andrea Camilleri (Montalbano è rock)
  • La Democrazia in trenta lezioni – Giovanni Sartori
  • L’Italia dei miei stivali – Edoardo Camurri (libero pensatore nichilista usa la finezza intellettuale per discettare di corruzione e di etica)
  • Storia della Libertà di pensiero – Paolo Villaggio
  • Di nessuna chiesa (La libertà del laico) – Giulio Giorello

Now to find some time to read.


3 responses to “The Expanding of the J’accuse Library

  1. The blog post “The Expanding of the J’accuse Library” is featured on Maltamedia: The Maltese Blogosphere

    – Nominate blog post of the month –

  2. I must admit, I do love lists. A list of books is even lovelier. You’ve mentioned some rather nice titles.
    Enid Blyton – LOVE! – makes me feel nostalgic about my childhood. And I am barely 19!
    O’Farell’s The Utterly Impartial History of Britain – just bought that off myself; couldn’t resist – it seems very entertaining.
    Take care and hope you have a lovely, fruitful Wednesday 🙂

  3. I have read the Enid Blyton book you mentioned. I have nearly all of her books and I guard them with my life. As for Affluenza. I think it is brilliant.

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