Democratic Relativism

While the nationalist imps, elves and apologists are getting all hot under their collar because someone dared compare Mintoff’s government to Gonzi’s a new pot and kettle storm is brewing. The Mintoff and Gonzi governments were both elected in accordance with the law. Both had obtained a minority of the votes cast. Constitutional progress means that while Mintoff’s party had less votes than the PN which had got more than 50% of the votes, Gonzi’s government benefits from the constitutional fiddling by the duopoly and now has a one seat majority that represents less than half of the population.  Progress indeed but there is no denying that there are huge similarities and the Gonzi government and its avid supporters would do well to remember them before screaming “Ahna fil-gvern u naghmlu li rridu”. I do not care that Labour lost… I care that the people continue winning after the election – and this is meant to be government for the people by the people. So yes.. I too have a say in it even if I did not vote Nationalist. Tant pis for you if you spend money on flags and expect to have more of a right than others.

And now there will be the matter of the labour delegates. They voted not to allow members to vote for the leader. To chose the leader. Expect a shower of insults and derisory labels from the nationalist side of the fence
as the labourites are labelled retrograde and undemocratic. The truth is that Gonzi, Fenech Adami et al were never elected by the members of the nationalist party and still cannot be.
In the meantime it will be more of the same of the same. I’m off to the seaside. It’s good to live beside the seaside. It’s good to live beside the sea.


4 responses to “Democratic Relativism

  1. With your aches and pain you better run to the nearest loo .

  2. ”It’s good to live beside the seaside. It’s good to live beside the sea.”
    If you’re going to quote old English hall-songs, do it properly.
    There’s nothing worse than a misinformed wankellectual.

  3. If I were quoting English hall-songs I guess I would have used quotes. If I choose to bastardise them for my own use (as I did) then no quotes are required. It was meant to evoke and not to quote the hall-song – also used by Queen in the song Seven Seas of Rye.

    If you’re going to cross a wankellectual make sure you can tell your quotes from your bastarised references. Better again… don’t cross a wankellectual.

  4. Josanne Cassar

    You do realise, don’t you Jacques, that by having the sheer nerve to place Mintoff 1981 and Gonzi 2008 in the same sentence, and (gasp) uttering them in the same breath, you are setting yourself up to be “an object of hate”?
    That will be ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Marys penance for you….
    and perhaps better throw in the Rosary too for good measure…

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