Short Notes on the Blogworld

Arcibald has his second podcast up. It’s good, but that’s my opinion judge for yourself here. Rupert has a good piece in il-Manocca – I’ll take a leaf out of his post for next Sunday’s article. A friend of mine Keith Grech, has begun a blog here (it’s called Hsibijieti but I’ve gone and been the nosey parker and suggested a name change for something more original – Hell if I can change Gonzi’s blog banner i can suggest a name change. No? Addendum: Yes I can: it’s called Cacoethes Scribendi – good one Keith). And finally a suggestion for the guys at Labour in Labour – please remove the full stop from the blog title – it’s the only blog that turns up with a full stop on RSS feeds and aggregators. You don’t need to change the web address just go to settings in the wordpress dashboard.



2 responses to “Short Notes on the Blogworld

  1. Dawn is-suggestions kollha… qed tittiehed minn Sandro?

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