He’s Awesome. Bullshit and All.


Arcibald is back with a vengeance*. He’s got a new blog with a new address and in case you’re not into clicking on links the hyperlinked address is http://gandirmalta.wordpress.com. There. You have no excuses. Baldu has come up with something new for the Maltese blogscene. He takes the podcast one step further by collaging other people’s sounds in what he calls a sort of audio version of Rai Tre’s Blob (di tutto di piu). The power of audio is fully exploited with this satyrical take and I hope that Baldu finds the time to keep up this experiment – maybe on a weekly basis. The first podcast is called “Awesome compared to Bullshit” – the only criticism I can make is that the link should come with a parental advisory… just in case.

I used to love the potential of audio in the few appearances I made on radio. I am not sure how many of you might have enjoyed those rare episodes of the satyrical programme “Shinguard” by “apiediuniti” productions presented by Antonio Tufigno and yours truly. We debuted on Campus fm and then got a short stint at X fm. Short because a dumb witted station manager without much of a radio future decided to take us off air for airing satyrical poems by an Italian poet which, in his opinion, contained one swear word too many (load of bull… the comedian appeared regularly at the same hour on Zelig). Let’s just say that, like Daphne, he did not appreciate the Latin kind of humour. Before I left for Luxembourg Shinguard was due to be revived on Bundy’s radio (sorry even this name escapes me) but the project fell through as I left for pastures new.

I miss radio. Thank god for podcasting… maybe one day… with more time on my hands I might find time to torture Xifer with excerpts of Mika.

*In case you were wondering why he is “back” it’s because I (or we) count Baldu as being part of Blogosfera Mark I. Here’s to hoping for the return of Twanny, Futbolite, Witchie and the self-obsessed Xemx, Wisq Sabiha.


One response to “He’s Awesome. Bullshit and All.

  1. On a weekly basis would be too much… but I have the second one ready to issue – I just need some time to remember from where I got the audio snippets and some time to blog about it. I also agree with the parental advisory – hopefully I will update it later on today.

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