Angelique Kidjo

You may have noticed the current lull in blogging at J’accuse. It’s a lack of subjects and time that constrain me to blog less. Expect more slow blogging in the coming days as the Court mid-term holiday season kicks off. The ECJ holidays this year give us two long weekends – 1st to 5th and 8th to 12th and J’accuse will probably go on holiday too. I will be off to Alghero in Sardegna for the first 5 days and for another holiday in Kent for the second long weekend. I know what you are thinking… we are spoilt… feel free to think what you like. Only consider that these are the official holidays here as against 21st September, 8th December, 31st March etc etc. So remember… while you were holidaying others were working.

Meanwhile tonight I will be at the Den Atelier in Luxembourg to watch Angelique Kidjo in concert.


3 responses to “Angelique Kidjo

  1. Hawn min ma jibbloggjax ghax mifqugh bix-xoghol.

    Hawn min ma jibbloggjax ghax mifqugh bil-vaganzi.

    Eh, Jacques. Eh Jacques.

  2. For a moment I thought your blog was going to be about Angelique of B’bugia fame. Thank God it wasn’t……but on the other hand, maybe it’s a good subject for your next post?

  3. Enjoy the show. Angelique is an awesome performer and her band rocks!

    Tell them Toronto, Canada says “hi” !

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