The Ghost of Mintoff

91 years old and still stirring the manure like no one can. Kudos to the Great Leader of the Republic with the Cactus and Luzzu on its Symbol and the Prolific Correspondent with Mugabe. The Times broke the news (at least online – photo above) that Dom Mintoff has been sighted at a George Abela meeting in Qormi this morning. There was already a comment when I read this news item – it was by an indignated A Mangion who believes that this is positive proof that the Labour party is the party of yesterday not tomorrow.

Mangion believes that George Abela is using Mintoff as a marketing ploy in Qormi. But who are we to know? Are we sure Abela invited Mintoff? Or are we to suspect that Mintoff is a floating personality destruct mine sent by some other candidate in order to seriously dent George Abela’s possibilities of seeming ideal to lead Labour in Progress? The intrigue would make for a lovely teleseries – why has no one thought of that yet? WH#hat if Mintoff himself decided to eliminate George Abela from the race? On the other hand he might not be that sly given his quasi-century and might genuinely believe that he is helping George to the race.

I’d hate to be George Abela walking to a meeting where he has been outperformed by a relic of the last century. What is true is that after his fleeting performance at the Electoral Offices in March, the Dom has appeared once again at a crucial moment – once again to tickle the curiosity of onlookers as to the why of the performance.

It all reminded me of the scene in Macbeth when Banquo’s ghost takes up Macbeth’s seat at the table. When Macbeth is asked to sit he perceives the ghost sitting in his place and his first reaction is to ask his friends “Which of you hath done this?”. Here’s the excerpt from the play (Act 3 Scene IV).

The GHOST OF BANQUO enters, and sits in MACBETH’s place

Here had we now our country’s honour roof’d,
Were the graced person of our Banquo present;
Who may I rather challenge for unkindness
Than pity for mischance!

His absence, sir,
Lays blame upon his promise. Please’t your highness
To grace us with your royal company.

The table’s full.

Here is a place reserved, sir.


Here, my good lord. What is’t that moves your highness?

Which of you have done this?

What, my good lord?

Thou canst not say I did it: never shake
Thy gory locks at me.



3 responses to “The Ghost of Mintoff

  1. Well, it appears that the presence of Mr. Mintoff was endorsed by Dr Abela. The choice is now clear. But is it wide enough? It appears that Labour will come out of this experience badly scarred. Having said that, the contest seems to have upset a hornet’s nest that extends beyond the political party domain. The effects of this experience may cascade onto the whole political class in a manner that may ultimately provoke a start to an effective national reform towards an informed, liberal and socially inclusive nation. It will not be the political class that will initiate the process, of course, but a brave press…on second thoughts I do not think we do have a brave/free enough press-critical-mass:( …well, blogs? 🙂 to purr or not to purr lol

  2. ‘a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.’ remindes me of Mintoff.

  3. Hi Jacques René!
    t’is I, the feisty one from! I just thought tha your guests might wish to know that we’re having a great time debating the whys and whynots of the venerable Dom’s presence at George Abela’s Qormi get-together.
    The times they are a-changing. Would anyone have spoken as openly as we are now doing in the above-mentioned blog when the Old Man was still in power. Ironically he is now endorsing the candidature of a person who claims that the Party’s ruling cliques are conspiring to gag him to the advantage of another ‘anointed’ candidate.
    Jennifer Galea

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