Il Padrino

It’s five a.m. I should not even be here. I came to switch off my mac before popping off to bed. Just spent 5 hours playing The Godfather on the Wii. Started late coz Mel had to have her dose of Super Mario Paper before I kicked off. Do not buy the console or the game if you want to have a life. It’s dangerous. Goodnight. I’m off to dream about offers people cannot refuse – let’s hope there’s no horse heads in the bed tomorrow morning.


3 responses to “Il Padrino

  1. The dangers that are video games. It’s always tempting to install a couple round about exam time: “it’d make a fantastic 10 minute break,” one would postulate. One would also fail to forsee how 10 mins could turn into 4 hours.

    Damn it.

  2. I love that game. Did u actually get to the horse head mission?

    You should also check out Resident Evil 4 – excellent game. Oh, and WiiFit if you’re becoming slightly, erm, rotund (my BMI is “ideal” – ner ner ner ner na…). It’s like going to the gym but without having to suffer the instructor’s smugness or other people’s sweat.

  3. Good thing GTA IV won’t be available for the PC before October.

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