Mamma Mia

Here I go again. Another post to complain about how there’s no time to post. Dammit. Which is what some people in Luxembourg think my surname is. Anyhoo. There’s the pairing issue, the little dislocated sisters, the Benigni in Malta business, the Bondiplus programme last Monday, the hunting saga, the expanding blogosphere and the black toe – and more. All waiting for those five minutes of relative calm to become posts of their own.

Bear with me guys. The price of oil is still shooting up. The euro is now at $1.60 and food at the canteen was good for once (coq au vin). Also there’s a new blogger on the horizon… a certain Sigmund Bonello Doctor who you can find at – more tongue in cheek business but looks promising. Give the dude a click or two.

I’m stuffed. Too much coq au vin, too much melons and cream, too little time to concentrate. Be back with more substantial business after the siesta… will probably blog tonight while watching Man U vs Barca.



2 responses to “Mamma Mia

  1. “Here I go again. Another post to complain about how there’s no time to post. ”

    I think blogging you don’t have time to blog is an important blog post. I can understand you a lot and bloggers shall be encouraged o blog more though not daily.

    We need to build this teamwork so when Jacques and I and other regualar bloggers, cannot blog for time purposes, the Internet readers can read other interesting blogs.

    By the way. I escaped from work yesterday. Maltarightnow revealed the time Benigni was going to be honoured.

    I have intruded myself to the Gizwiti church. University ushers, the police and the angry journalists were speechless when they saw me sitting in the fourth row without a suit and an invitation. I was wearing the same shirt you published in your Non-Sequitur.

    I met Benigni. We shaked hands and he spoke to me for 3 seconds. In 3 seconds we discussed his wife, Nicola Piovani and Vincenzo Cerami. We did not discuss his secretary that promised me an extra-part in Pinocchio. There was no time.

    I want to dedicate this moment to all Benigni’s fans and to this blog.


  2. I think when you blog like this, without actually going into any polimical issues, or politics or whatever, I like your blog more. But then… everyone to his own fetish….

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