Foot for Thought

This toon needs some explaining for once. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to inaugurate the outside football season with the Maltese in Luxembourg. Unfortunately 5 minutes into the match a combination of unfortunate events led to an injury of the big toe on the right foot with a consequent swelling of aforesaid toe. Personal podologist (brother André) advised trepanning the nail of said toe to allow blood to exit and avoid throbbing. Lack of courage on my side meant that I opted for the tried and tested cure of wait and the nail will fall off. In the meantime the toe has gone from blue to purple to black under the nail – leading me to observe to Bertu that it looks like Calimero during one of our gmail conversations. Hence the inspiration.

The toe is still black… the nail is still on… the pain is less irritating than a week ago. Cheers to Bertu for seeing the humorous side!


15 responses to “Foot for Thought

  1. Jien kien grali l-istess is-sena li ghaddiet minhabba zarbun zghir u dejjaq. Waqghu z-zewg dwiefer il-kbar u kibru qisu wara sitta sa tmien xhur. Ghadhom pjuttost fragli, imma tista’ tehodha bhala metafora ta’ tigdid, bhal meta l-annimali johorfu (to moult).

  2. I suggest the Evil Dead remedy for body parts that go bad.

  3. Err…not to be alarming or anything…but the toe shouldn’t be black, so I suggest you go and see a doctor. Or else tune in to one of the Maltese channels and wait until a consultant discusses your problem on TV. You shouldn’t wait much, there are throngs of them on TV, so statistics would say that you have a good chance of coming across your problem in the next week. Finally, the ol method of putting a hot needle or paper clip through your nail would have been ideal and totally pain-free. Incidentally, it exactly what every doctor would have done if you ha presented yourself at emergency.

    OK hi? Issa…fuq il flus…bil karta jew bla karta?

  4. Bonello Sigmund

    Ara x’kumbinazzjoni ukoll dan Mark Vella tal-Hodor, gej jitkellem fuq il-metafori dalghodu!

    See you around, hbieb!

    Dr Sigmund Bonello

  5. Kont qed niekol bicca kejk… grazzi… nizlitli ghasel… bleurgghhh

  6. “Err…not to be alarming or anything…but the toe shouldn’t be black, so I suggest you go and see a doctor.”


  7. Sigmund Bonello…an unhappy life with a name like that…

  8. Quite the contrary, caro Mark Anthony. The sky’s the limit if you believe in the power of change. Join the bandwagon for change.

    Dr Sigmund Bonello

  9. Well, life shouldn’t be much better when you’re called Paris Hilton either, but the internet suggests she’s enjoying it till the last drop.

  10. Amputate.

  11. And there was I thinking that there was still one doctor in this world who I could trust. Amputate? Thank you very much Anton…. very reassuring.

  12. From your description, it sounds like a subungual haematoma ie sudden collection of blood under the nail, trapped and crying to come out. Your brother was right – nail trapanning would have been been the quickest and most effective way of treating it, besides being absolutely painless. It would have provided immediate relief………….

    Forza Juve.

  13. Cheer up. It’s nothing you can’t fix with Tippex.

  14. Claire Bonello

    Anton will be suggesting leeches for headaches or weight loss next…..

  15. Jew tista tghid lil xi hadd joqghod jerdahulek ftit!

    Any volunteers?? 😉

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