The Post-Ideological Joke Politician

An excellent article  (Send out the clowns) by Bagehot on today’s Economist. It focuses on the mayoral election in London and the two major contenders: “Red” Ken Livingstone and Boris “Boris” Johnson. Here’s a nice quote from the article… for the rest you better go out and buy the Economist  go to (the front page rocks):

Reduction ad absurdum

[…] The lesson instead concerns the direction in which all the parties are collectively travelling. In a post-ideological era, everyone now agrees, politics are dominated by personality. In London that proposition has been tested – to destruction. It has been a joke, in other words, with a serious point.



7 responses to “The Post-Ideological Joke Politician

  1. Hawn habib. Ghandek marda bil-links inti.

    Minn habba fik sejjer nixtri l-economist ghax ma llinkkjajtx sew ergajt.


  2. L`invidia e` una brutta bestia.

    Berlusconi e` il piu` grande statista Italiano dopo Mussolini.

  3. Tazebao Caretaker

    “Hi, interesting blog you have here. Was passing through and I thought I would pop in to say howdi neighbour! I’m Jennifer Galea from Labour in labour, the independent and unauthorised blog documenting the Labour Party’s quest for a new leader. Come and visit us on and lets us know what you think…openly and sincerely! See you soon!”
    J’ACCUSE NOTE TO JENNIFER: Copying and pasting the same note into different comments on different blogs is not good neighbour practise in blogland. It’s called spamming. Most spams do start with “Hi interesting blog etc etc and end up with offers to sell viagra…. we’re happy with the Tazebao … a bit less with this spamming business…

  4. Berlusconi, like all other political agents, is not post-ideological.

    His ideological position is that of the New Right, which makes use of neo-liberal economics and conservative values (similar to Thatcher in the 1980s and Reagan-Bush-Bush in 1980s onwords). This position has been hegemonic in many instances, also winning support from many working class voters.

    Of course, no ideological position is strictly uniform and ultra-rigid. But the trend is visible.

  5. @Mike: Agreed. UNfortunately the Economist front page was added after I wrote the post and title. The title referred more to Bagehot’s article than anything else but I can understand how the ensemble could be taken to imply that Berluska is post-ideological…. and now I see why Anton was so angry…

  6. Trying to look at Berlusconi as a politician is wrong. The sole reason why he dicied to take the plunge, was because his political points of reference (Craxi’s Socialists), were left in shambles following the Mani Pulite saga. He is in politics to make sure he will never have to pay for all he did in order to become rich. Suffice to say he has over 30 ‘sentenza prescritta’, not to mention the law which he pased to depenalise the crime of presenting false accounts, of which he was also being accused of in courts. I could go on, but if someone still takes this guy seriously, I doubt he will be convinced now.

    Craxi not Berlusconi was Italy’s greatest statistician after De Gasperi and Moro.. Unfortunately he was also one of the most corrupt.

  7. Berlusconi e` sceso in campo perche` annusava e sentiva che c’era una grande manovra della sinistra e delle toghe rosse per distruggere le sue imprese e la sua famiglia. Era una scelta obbligatoria.

    Le decine di rinvii di giudizi sono una testimonianza dell`accanimento giudiziario nei suoi confronti. Come si puo` dimenticare il rinvio di giudizio consegnatogli durante il G7 a Napoli?

    Ma lui e` uscito indenne da TUTTE le accuse.

    Come ogni altro politico, ha i suoi pregi e difetti. Ma sara` ricordato come quello che ha dato la piu` grossa sberla alla sinistra dal dopo-guerra. La tanto criticata legge elettorale gli ha dato ragione – con un colpo di spugna ha eliminato la sinistra radicale e i Verdi dal parlamento e dal senato. Adesso ha un autostrada davanti a lui e puo` finalmente attuare in pace il suo programma per l`Italia, mano in mano con la Lega, che da sempre e` l`unica voce della verita` in questo paese.

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